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  1. Each time I start Affinity Designer and then switch to any other app, a "Accute symbol" appear as soon I start typeing something in other app. Windows version
  2. Thanks! There is one drawback with duplicating with ALT-key. In this case the "force pixel aligment" is switched off. Any workaround for that?
  3. I kept Rectangle tool shortcut to M. I changed the Ellipse tool shortcut to L. I changed the Rounded Rectangle tool to R. But very often, pressing the M key switches still to Ellipse tool. Affinity Designer 1.73.481
  4. I would like "Save as PDF" as Illustrator does. There is "Preserve Illustrator editing capabilities" checkbox. This means that actually 2 files are saved inside PDF. File could be viewed by anyone who has PDF Reader. At the same time, the file includes original data in it's native form.
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