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  1. Hi, I’m not sure what I messed with, but every time I press the “enter” key my text returns to the beginning and overlaps on the same layer. Would there happen to be a way to reset the text tools? IMG_5124.MP4
  2. Alright this is a lot of intake but knowing the description is really useful. I really appreciate this. I have the affinity workbook and it surprisingly doesn’t bring these up. Definitely going to experiment with these tomorrow, thanks!
  3. So, I’ve been using affinity for a while, but I haven’t really messed with these functions, I know they’re actions and snaps but I can’t tell the difference. If there’s any tutorial I’d love to figure these out, thanks!
  4. Thanks, really appreciate that help, I hadn’t realized the expand stroke tool was still in development. The lines come out a bit bumpy but much better than previously. Thanks so much for your help!
  5. Trying to add these two shapes into one shape, not sure what’s going on. Would like as few nodes as possible. IMG_5075.MP4
  6. You can adjust spacing of text using the text positioning panel. Kerning individually spaces each character individually. Hope this helps.
  7. it looks like your accidentally selected some of the photo with your subjec;, if you invert the subject from the background (1:45) it should select just the plane inside, hope this helps!
  8. Hi, I’m trying to add all these shapes together, but when I use the Boolean property I get something totally different. Any help? I know I can expand strokes but then I no longer get a perfect shape.
  9. Trying to split a shape into 3 piece, would there be any method of resting the binding box?
  10. Thank you so much for the reply! I was always afraid I was using the wrong tool, I never even knew about that feature.
  11. Just curious if there’s any differences I’m missing between these two tools? They seem to do the exact thing with the exception of the pencil tool starting off as a normal line and then being able to turn into a brush later?
  12. You are the MVP! Definitely a feature I noticed was missing but I thought it was just hidden. Hoping hexadecimal comes soon as well. Really really appreciate this.
  13. Text layers all seem to have the same white fill behind them unfortunately.
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