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  1. This morning I downloaded the latest version of Affinity Publisher for the Mac. It was an upgrade to the version already installed which was very stable. Now I am experiencing crashes every time I try to apply master pages or make adjustments to document setup. The software just crashes without warning. Mac OS Catalina 10.15.5 Apple Mac Mini Early 2012 16 GB of RAM
  2. Document uploaded again to the link provided. Crashed again this morning while trying to do the same thing, format the final page of the document.
  3. Crash number two when I went back to my document crash_output_mac_mini_late_2012_affinity_1.7.3_crash2
  4. I have been experiencing frequent crashes while using Affinity. I attach a text file with the output from my Mac crash information. It happened just now at exactly the same point while editing a document. crash_output_mac-mini_late_2012_mojave
  5. OK there is something else going on then. I have just checked on my version 5 and, sure enough, the heading you cite is correct. But in the rest of the document the formatting is missing. I am beginning to wonder is there something going in in the background with my Mac Mini that it is not processing the document fully. I may have too many applications open at the same time. Take a look at a screenshot from Version 2 and the same page (more or less) from Version 5. Version 5 has lost the formatting. When I click on a heading it shows up with the Body Text Style. Mystery!
  6. The document I sent you had already lost its formatting. The paragraph styles are still in there. They were created back in version 2. Version 3 lost them. So, did Version 4. And now Version 5. Version 5 crashed when I was creating new master pages. Version 2 still has the formatting and I am uploading it up here. Necrologies 2019 AFP Ver 2.afpub
  7. OK Thank You. Will attach below. BTW Affinity has just crashed on me right now. Necrologies_2019_AFP_Ver_5.afpub
  8. I am beginning to lose my mind here! I have created a document in which I have Paragraph Styles. When I created a duplicate copy of the document using Save As and giving a new version document name, the styles I have created remain but they have lost their relationship to the text. The text has reverted back to all Body Text. I've tried a few times to make a new version copy (I'm on '.ver5') with the same result. This is undermining my confidence in the product. In my InDesign days I never had this kind of problem. What am I doing wrong Necrologies 2019 AFP Ver 5.pdf
  9. Thanks for the tips regarding formatting with Paragraph Styles. I like the Find and Replace approach. For some reason the text is flowing and formatting correctly again for me this morning. Can't explain it.
  10. I received the text as a Word document where the editor had used manual tabs and spacing all over the place. I take your suggestion of adding the section name to the Page Header which would mean probably around 35 separate section heads. Not a problem but I was hoping to just change the text manually as I went along with the Master Page simply setting spacing and layout. Yes I am using Paragraph Styles and I have the spacing built in. I remove the original editor's manual paragraph spacing so each individual paragraph style has its own above and below spacing. Works fine. I'm hoping someone can explain the crashes for me - is it a computer resources problem:?
  11. Yes, they are linked. Should I have broken up the document. But that would not make sense as I then lose control over page numbers. My Mac is a MacMini Late 2012 with 16 Gb of RAM. Perhaps I made a mistake in preloading in all the text first. I wanted to do this to make sure that I had continuous text. Doing it piecemeal would run the risk of duplicate text or breaks. I spent a day just linking the frame texts to the pages. Everything was going fine until I hit this bug. Maybe I should post this to a bug page?
  12. I am working on my first long document (as opposed to brochure type content). It is a book-long text of about 300 pages. Text cleaned up in BBEdit and loaded into Affinity Publisher. Styles set up etc and everything working smoothly until I got to page 104 of the text. At that point Affinity began to crash and would not let me go past a paragraph. All crashes recorded by Apple. The computer is a Late 2012 MacMini 2.3 Ghz with 16 GB of RAM. It never failed even once with Adobe Indesign. This morning it has crashed four times and will not allow me to continue working. I have run Clean My Mac, quit all applications. Restarted. All the usual stuff. It seems to be something to do with text flow as text flow quit but I was able to re-establish the text flow quickly and it appeared to be working fine. There are no graphics in the document. Necrologies 2019 AFP Ver 2.afpub
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