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  1. When you create a text with multiple font styles, and insert a new text, the new text will have the properties of the text before. I think this is a good idea in most cases but one : In this case (there's a least a space between the left text and the cursor, and no space between the cursor and the right text) the new text should take the properties of the right text. ATM, when you want to insert new text (before the "the") you have to put the cursor between the "t" and the "h", then remove the first "t", so it takes style b Can you add an exception ? thanks
  2. @Michail you're right. All arguments have been laid down, we're not the ones deciding anyway have a nice day, too
  3. Yeah dude, we get it : For YOUR usage it's fine. But you're not the only user here. I've brought some objective points that prove this feature has some major drawbacks… without any benefit. I.E : not a good feature If it's removed (or optional), you won't even notice it but for the rest of us, the workflow will be greatly improved (well… less cumbersome).
  4. I'd agree on the fact that ALT or CTRL is not the question here (IIRC, inkscape uses CTRL to duplicate) However, the fact something works a certain way in a given context doesn't make it a de facto good design choice : - does it make sense to let the user move back and forth ellipse and circle ? Yeah, totally. There's many use cases of that. Moreover, if your finger coordination fails : you see it right away - does it make sense to let the user decide on the fly if that's a move or a duplicate ? No. If you duplicate, you duplicate. Also, if you move the duplicate outside the original zoomed area, you might fail you duplication without noticing you've screwed up your document. And this is the real problem : if you accidentally duplicate something, or accidentally make you circle an ellipse, it's really easy to fix it, even much later after the fact BUT If, you miss your duplication without noticing, and you start altering the duplicate (changing text, color etc…), when you see it, it's too late. The only option is to undo all your changes until the original is back to it's place. I'd guess that this feature was introduce because some users would accidentally duplicate instead of dragging, if so, that's filling a hole by digging another, but in a worse place. Also, Michail, I'm very glad you have no problem with that feature, but the fact it works for you doesn't make it less of a very questionable UX choice.
  5. That's not the point. That's actually a design flaw : when you use key and/or mouse combinations, you roughly release them at the same time and the actual order of the release should not change the behavior. CTRL-drag is meant to be a fast way to duplicate, and I don't think it's a good design choice to force the user to think about what finger to lift first. Moreover, it's counter intuitive because once the duplicate is made, you expect it to "exist" and you just focus on the positioning. It feels awkward to have to position the new element THEN validate the duplication by releasing the ctrl button.
  6. I figured it was a feature, but it's actually pretty annoying when you do stuffs quickly without thinking. For some reason I always release the keyboard finger few milliseconds before the mouse finger, but that's enough to cancel the duplicate. (Also… I don't quite see why someone who decided to duplicate would want to drag instead) Can you make it an option ?
  7. I've noticed that if you release the CTRL buton before the mouse the "duplicates" becomes a basic "translate" That's very annoying and doesn't match the usual behavior (once ctrl+drag starts, it remains a duplicate even if you release CTRL) Thanks
  8. Yeah, please scrap the "style" and replace it with XML attributes. That's rather annoying for webdesigners to add "!important" to override inline styling. And even more annoying to replace them manually
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