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    Hilltop got a reaction from Mensch Mesch in Free SVG Calendar Templates for Affinity Designer, Photo and Publisher   
    Wow,  this is a great resource! This is tool is not only interesting for design purposes but also for genealogists and others who need to travel through time.Thank you Norbert!
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    Hilltop reacted to Patrick Connor in Merge 2 Publisher documents?   
    Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums
    To all readers of this thread,
    The ability to insert a number of pages of one publisher document into another publisher document is being worked on actively at the moment, and will appear in a beta when it is ready for customer beta appraisal. It requires quite a lot of programming to achieve what would be desired with respect to text styles, master pages, index links, text flow etc, as you have seen from the participants of this and other threads.
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    Hilltop reacted to Belot in The Coolest Filters for #AD   
    Can't wait to share these live filters!! I've found it from this link, the author told me that he was saved Affinity Photo filters as Assets and now #AD can use live filters as well, but perspective fitler not working properly  
    Any way it's definitely cool in #AD, try it now 

    Afans Live Filters - for Designer 1.6.zip
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    Hilltop reacted to Pedro Soares in Snow Brushes   
    Who likes to play with snow? :)
    This are the two brushes I made and normally use (light snow and heavy snow) when I want to get that winter look.
    You can also check how I made the brushes and how to use them is this tutorial:
    Hope you enjoy them,
    Snow Brushes.afbrushes.zip
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    Hilltop reacted to smadell in Create & Edit Masks with Red Overlays   
    I made 2 little videos, one for Creating a New Mask and the second for Editing an Existing Mask. Sometimes watching the process helps it make more sense. So...
    1) Creating a New Mask

    Create a Mask.m4v 2) Editing an Existing Mask

    Edit a Mask.m4v
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    Hilltop got a reaction from emmest in Re-Order Categories in Brushes Panel   
    + 1!
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    Hilltop got a reaction from Cecil in Create & Edit Masks with Red Overlays   
    Thank you, smadell, but I somehow cannot wrap my head around the approach and example you present here. I will need some time....
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    Hilltop got a reaction from summersara in 16 Neon Styles in assorted colours   
    Looking great, summersara, thank you!
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    Hilltop reacted to summersara in 16 Neon Styles in assorted colours   
    Hi everyone
    I've created some Neon sign styles in an Outline and Solid effect, hope you like and make good use: Neon Style set.afstyles

    List of fonts used if interested:
    AR Delaney
    Burger Joint Neon Light JL
    Rage Italic 
    AG Stencil
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    Hilltop got a reaction from Mensch Mesch in Simple hatching styles | Einfach Schraffur Stile   
    Thank you, Norbert, very nice and useful!
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    Hilltop reacted to GarryP in Sheet of simple jigsaw pieces   
    You’re welcome.
    I think it’s worth noting that you can adjust either the “Inny-up” or “Outy-up” shapes to create other pieces that don’t already exist by changing the geometry mode of some layers or switching some compounded layers off. (These two shapes are exactly the same but one has been rotated by 90 degrees.)
    This attached GIF shows some quick examples.

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    Hilltop reacted to GarryP in Sheet of simple jigsaw pieces   
    I recently read about someone paying to get some simple jigsaw artwork and thought it was a shame they had to do that, so I decided to create some shapes that could be usable for free.
    Attached is a sheet of jigsaw shapes that are customisable (compound layers, just adjust as necessary) and should fit to any regular grid (after proportionally resizing the shapes).
    Apologies for the terrible names of the layers but I think it’s fairly easy to figure out which one is which.
    I’ve also attached some images showing:
    1. The basic shape sheet.
    2. A simple use of coloured shapes.
    3. A more ‘artistic’ use with 3D and embossing.
    The shapes are usable in all Affinity applications: Designer, Photo and Publisher.
    You can use these shapes for anything you want, entirely for free, without restriction or attribution.
    basic jigsaw pieces.afdesign

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    Hilltop got a reaction from big smile in Affinity Publisher: Switch from Single Page view to Spread View   
    Go to File/Document Setup and check 'Facing pages'.
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    Hilltop reacted to catlover in AffDes&AffPhoto:Protractor (Assets) -re-upload   
    Sorry about that, I removed old uploads; must have gotton caught in the mix.
    Here it is again - in Resources Section.
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    Hilltop reacted to Patrick Connor in Manual absolutely necessary   
    I initially thought it should be done in PagePlus for consistency with the other books, but obviously that's just me being cautious. We are using Affinity Publisher and it may get improvements as a consequence.
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    Hilltop reacted to MikeW in Manual absolutely necessary   
    There's nothing quite like using the product to hone work-flows and features...
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    Hilltop got a reaction from Steps in Graphic Novel Effect   
    I agree, it gives a nice effect. 
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    Hilltop reacted to smadell in Graphic Novel Effect   
    Based on a recent thread started by user Steps, I have finalized and am attaching a macro called "Graphic Novel Effect." It is similar to the "Paint by Numbers" macro I created a while back, but offers better control of the black outlines that are needed in a cartoon or a graphic novel illustration.
    The attached file is a macros category (not a single macro) and can be imported through the Affinity Photo Library panel. Once inside Affinity Photo, the category contains a single macro which can be moved into a different category (by dragging it) if desired. Since it is provided as a category, it can also be imported into the iPad version of AP.
    When you use the macro, it creates a number of layers inside a group (which can be turned on and off to show or hide the effect entirely). The user is presented with 5 options in a dialog:
    1) Posterize - How Many Colors?
    The macro is preset to 5 color levels, but anywhere between 4 and 6 generally gives a decent result.
    2) Outlines - Adjust Black [line thickness]
    This option is preset to 50%, but changing the value will make the black outlines more or less prominent.
    3) Outlines - Adjust White [fill smoothness]
    This option is preset to 90%. Changing the value will affect the fill (inside the outlines). Keep the value above the value set in option #2 (line thickness).
    4) Finish - Adjust the Brightness
    5) Finish - Adjust the Contrast
    These are preset to Brightness = -15% and Contrast = +30%. Changes made here will have the obvious results, and should be considered a finishing touch.
    *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * 
    As always, I am one person with one computer and have not tested this in every possible scenario. Try it and, if you like it, keep it and enjoy it. This forum has provided me with so many good ideas and answers to questions; this macro is another attempt to “pay it forward.”
    Graphic Novel Effect.afmacros
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    Hilltop reacted to carl123 in Photo - No Choices in Adjustment-Panel   
    If you accidentally delete any presets you can get them back by holding the CTRL key down when starting APhoto and in the dialogue box that appears just select the Reset Adjustments option.  The OP can try that first.
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    Hilltop got a reaction from StuartRc in Texture Brush Packs [Dots]   
    Amazing brushes, Stuart, giving a lot of design options!
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    Hilltop reacted to carl123 in constructive Feedback (hopefully)   
    Select the object then click the Revert Details button on the top Toolbar
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    Hilltop reacted to StuartRc in Texture Brush Packs [Dots]   
    Added new extension to the Brush Set with 30 new Dot Patterns
    TB DOTS Packs 37-39.zip
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    Hilltop reacted to StuartRc in Texture Brushes for Affinity Designer   
    These Brushes have been updated into new and more comprehensive sets
    New versions are located here:
    I just wanted to share some of the brushes that I ave been using for re-creating #intober(wod prompt:twelve) in Affinity Designer and Photo 

    First set of Texture Brushes originally created in Sketchbook Pro for the fantastic #INKTOBER Challenge in 2016 (http://mrjakeparker.com/inktober)
    01 Texture Brush Pack.zip
    Texture Brush Pack 01_2.afdesign
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    Hilltop reacted to StuartRc in Texture Brush Packs [Hatching version 2]   
    Texture Brushes [Hatching]  
    With Zip containing a total of 60 brushes (6x10) and Sample Sheet (PDF)
    1. New larger texture nozzles 
    2.  40 new brushes
    3. Modified Brush Dynamics (Flow, accumulation and rotation)
    4. Reduced reliance on scattering and scale jitter
    Update to previous posts:  
    Texture brush 03 Hatching
    Texture Brush 04 Hatching

    TB 3 HATCH PATTERNS Set 3-25-30.pdf
    TB3 HATCH Packs-25-30.zip
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    Hilltop reacted to souacz in Pressed & Embossed styles   
    This is the styles pack converted from Photoshop free asl file. Styles look best on a dark gray background and using large, black and bold fonts.
    Pressed & Embossed.afstyles


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