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  1. Hi there, basics first: OS El Capitan, MacMini, 16 GB RAM with Publisher final version. I have edited an imported PDF and do a lot of formatting stuff. At the end i needed to add a few more pages. I have added some blank new pages with same masterpage. When come to the end of the penultimate page the last two lines displayed the font styles unproperly (3 times bigger). I added the text style and the selected words got into the proper formatting. I fiddeled each lines with unpropper font style… after doing this a couple of times Publisher closed without warning and i go a crash report. Does it helps to upload this error report to you - instead of apple? Thanx in advance Regards, Thomas
  2. Thank you for your reply Jon. I can't reproduce it so far. I deleted all text and did a new start. I only can offer you the crash report that was given after publisher crashed. publisher-crash.rtf