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  1. Ah, that explains it. The gradient that the text is on top of uses transparency. Thanks for your help!
  2. Seems like the regular “PDF (for print)” preset, which outputs PDF 1.7, keeps the vectors, but any X-1a output gets rasterized.
  3. Would a vector layer placed above a gradient count as a raster effect?
  4. Is it expected that Affinity Designer's PDF/X-1a export preset will rasterize curves and text regardless of the export settings?
  5. royfactorial

    Paragraph spacing not applied

    Ah, didn't realize that... should be attached now!
  6. royfactorial

    Paragraph spacing not applied

    The document may have originated as an imported PDF, though it was so long ago, I can't be sure. I've attached the document in question. The top Frame Text layer exhibits the issue, while the bottom Frame Text layer doesn't. test-document.afdesign
  7. royfactorial

    Paragraph spacing not applied

    Seems to have been an issue with the specific document I was using. Creating Frame Text layers in this document never let me change the spacing, but a new document let me do so, and I was able to copy the layer to the other document and line spacing seems to work on that layer.
  8. royfactorial

    Paragraph spacing not applied

    Hello, I have a Frame Text layer and I'd like to adjust the overall line spacing of the paragraph, but whenever I try to adjust it via the Paragraph panel, the layer becomes deselected and the changes are not applied. I've also tried clicking directly changing the spacing inside the spacing drop-down via the arrow keys... the text layer remains selected, but the line spacing never changes. Is there something I'm missing about how to apply line spacing?
  9. royfactorial

    Affinity Designer: Crash During PNG Export

    I can reproduce this crash reliably with the following steps: Export a file as JPEG (this is so the Export dialog will show up with JPEG already selected next time) File → Export... Under the JPEG export option, edit the width of the file, then click on the height so it changes proportionately Click on the PNG export option, app should then crash.
  10. I just tried the AD beta with a chart copied from Numbers '09... works fine (the pie chart's components are sub-layers of the main layer that gets pasted in). So, it looks like the issue is with Apple and their newer iWork version not copying to the clipboard properly. Unfortunately it's not the only thing that's regressed with the new iWork.
  11. royfactorial

    Persepctive Tools

    Will these perspective tools work on text layers? The only two apps I've seen on the Mac that support text perspective without rasterization are Photoshop and Motion (and the latter doesn't support vector export), so this would be a differentiating feature for Designer.
  12. Ah, that would explain it: I'm still using iWork '09. Seems like the new iWork no longer copies charts to the clipboard as PDF. A shame, really, as I was hoping Apple would have worked out these kinds of kinks by now.
  13. I just noticed a topic a few threads down (https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/1484-pdf-import-as-vector-object-components/) that shows how to pull out the PDF components in AD: Can you try this command from a normal copy/paste to see if it works? If not, seems like the actual feature request would be to get AD to import the pasteboard as PDF instead of rasterizing it. Another approach I just tried is to copy the graph in Numbers, then load Preview and select File → New from Clipboard. Preview will let you save it as a PDF; that way you don't have to save the entire Numbers doc to PDF. There may even be a way to automate this process with Automator or AppleScript.
  14. Technically it should be possible. In iDraw, a pie chart pastes in as a PDF (single object) and there's a right-click option to split the pie chart into its constituent objects (so each piece of the pie, the numbers, etc. all become individual objects). I imagine it's just a matter of the Affinity folks implementing support for this particular kind of workflow.
  15. If you have Numbers/iWork, the pie charts copy to the clipboard as PDF data, so that might be one way to those types of graphics into AD.