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  1. Polina_Uzunova

    PDF Export problem

    It worked, thank you :)
  2. Polina_Uzunova

    PDF Export problem

    Oww, sorry. I'll try it, thanks
  3. Polina_Uzunova

    PDF Export problem

    There is no shadow on the small blue polygons, just 3D (If I got it right), the shadow is on the big yellow one. I've try to rasterise the blue polygons but it has an awful effect
  4. Polina_Uzunova

    PDF Export problem

    Not exactly Even when I turned off the shadow at all, and there are still some parts of the small polygons.
  5. Hi all! I'm using Affinity products for a long time, but I'm posting for a first time in the forums. Sorry if it is a stupid question, but I don't know how to handle it... There is my problem: I got a project with many components in it. I'm working in Publisher. For the main content I made a polygon shape, but I've decided to decorate the sides of it whit vector shapes which I put like a mask in the big polygon. And there comes the problem: when I try to export it in PDF there is a shadow from the decoration that isn't suppose to be visible and a part of the small polygons. I've try to rasterise it but the quality becomes too bad. The first picture is how it has to be, the 2-nd is with the problem (with the arrows). Any ideas how to fix it and what may be the problem (I guess the vectors but I don't know why)? Thanks in advance.