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  1. … i work on an older 17" macbook pro by the way ; )
  2. Hi Jon P, thank you for your answer. no, it only happens every time i change to cmyk colour mode as shown on the picture. it started to look like this, when i started to change the order of the menu palettes on the right side. since a restart of the program it is ok again, but i think this could happen again when trying to change the order of the palettes. it is a bit uncomfortable at all, because you can not fix the pallets in height and width, and they always jump around in their respective height. Since it would be good if you could adjust itself and the individual palettes would then maintain this size. thx
  3. the cmyk color palette is hidden by the color scheme palette and can not be scaled down or moved. Also, the height of the color scheme palette or the palette itself can not be changed. this happens also in dark mode.