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  1. Hello, I stopped in here to read up on other's experiences with this issue. I was having this flickering too until I disabled G-Sync. I have almost identical settings as the original poster.
  2. Long years ago, I used Macromedia Freehand. There was this great feature where we could fill an object with a gradient that filled concentrically. If I were to make a square and fill in this way, it would make a sort of gradated pyramid with four sides. With a triangle with three sides. With a circle, a gradient bubble. Irregular shapes would fill in this way too. The number of gradation steps could be set, color steps could be set (more than just two colors. Anyway, I miss this after Adobe bought it and removed Freehand from the market. This gradient fill is still not available in modern Adobe products for some reason. Thank you for this amazing software! I am currently using it for: Web graphics, print, vector illustration and ALL of my other design needs. Ryan
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