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  1. Dear the Affinity team: Middle-east lang support is needed also for people who don't speak and type in Arabic or Hebrew etc, and that's because when you have a LTR document (such as English, etc) if just a few words in any RTL language are mixed in, you will have problems with your text. and that's the reason why i can't join Affinity right now. I hope this feature will be soon, so i will have the ability to buy a few copies from the Affinity suite for my small team. All the best!
  2. Hi everyone here on the forums! My name is Jace, i'm the chief and founder of a marketing group located in New York with a team of five graphic and web designers on board. so as you can figure out alone, i'm spending a tremendous amount of money in subscribible licence purchases, just to cover my adobe creative apps... When i heard that there is a new competitor to Adobe with a range of 3 productive alternatives apps - overall - a one time purchase, it was very interesting, and i decided to try it out if to check out if it comes on the daily work for my small team, and yes, i can say fully confident that it's really wonderful how they get done such amazing products. In fact, there is one reason why i feel that i can't switch right now to those apps. and no, it's not because there is still a range of features that is currently unavailable in this (1'st) version of affinity, like 'image tracing' and 'scripting' and more, taking in mind that its a new suit of applications, and it will forsure get big updated with the time. The reason why i can't change my office apps to affinity, and in the same time to reduce my adobe bill to half or less (i still need the web and animation tools from them) is simply 'right to left' support. After a deep trial season, i figured that rtl lang. are not supported, and i can't stick with a program that will have problems every time there will be a few words in any of the Middle Eastern languages like arabic or hebrew (something i don't have daily, but also occasionally is enough to be a concern). Actually, i will have now to stay with Adobe. and i'm sure that the day things will change, i will be back with you. the affinity serif apps are super fast and stable! hope it will be soon. All the best!
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