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  1. Unfortunately I too was forced to renew my Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. I waited in the hope that the footnotes would arrive but it wasn't like that !! It's impossible to work with Affinity for those with lots of notes, it's a real shame, I bought the whole suite !! If I had known before I would have given up I would never have thought that there was not such an important element ... Goodbye
  2. Sorry for my English .... I think Serif needs to implement the insertion of footnotes, otherwise the software is useless. I use very long files with lots of notes because I create books .... I bought it believing it was possible, when I saw that it was impossible to import the notes I was very disappointed ... I work almost always with files of about 300 pages, a file of 50 pages is not long, but even that cannot be done I will be forced to stay with Adobe

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