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  1. I have not been able to reproduce it. When it happens again, I will record the entire thing.
  2. This has been requested as far back as 2015. It would be really great to get some sort of feedback on whether this is in the pipeline. I sat down to put together a catalog of artworks, photographed from various angles that need perspective correction, but quickly realized that the extremely useful "perspective crop" from Photoshop still does not exist in Affinity Photo. The perspective tool and live perspective filter do not fill this void at all. Currently, I have to prepare all the artwork in Photoshop first, which really undermines the idea of staying in Affinity. Come on guy
  3. I'm painting with a paint brush on a pixel layer, using all black - and getting all black on the canvas. I then change to the eraser. Erase something. Then switch back to the paint brush. From now on, when I paint, the result is that the all black colour is dark grey instead. Either like the opacity or flow has been backed off, or maybe like the brush has some sort of "wet" setting that affects the whole brush. To get back to the all black, I have to switch away from the brush I'm using in the brush palette, then back again to the brush I was using - and now I'm getting all black aga
  4. I'm experiencing the same thing. Lag in designer persona when dragging, less lag in pixel persona. I'm using automatic retina rendering.
  5. While doing flood fill in pixel persona, the tolerance will randomly reset to zero. It tends to happen at some point while changing between swatch colors and applying the fill on canvas. I cannot reliably reproduce it, but it does happen often if I'm constantly selecting swatch colors and applying fills.
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