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  1. Dharamvir


    yes but its little lengthy any easy way have ?
  2. Dharamvir


    don't know if there is bug , But i want to say that can we add another artboard on the same file like we can add artboard in .Ai, 2 artboard in same file. please suggest us.
  3. Dharamvir


    How we add artboard in the same file like we add in illustrator. Please suggest us.
  4. Dharamvir

    Mock up

    How we use mock up in affinity Photo like we use in Photoshop. Please suggest us.
  5. Hello, I have attached the screenshot for where is the transparency window in affinity software like in illustrator. Please suggest us. Thanks
  6. Hello, Here i have attached screenshot as you see we can't see the whole artwork that i selected in artwork currently am using version . Please suggest on this. Thanks
  7. yes the font is installed. Did we have to do something else in font settings like i shown in attached screenshot please suggest.
  8. Thanks it resolve now one more question how i check the updates of affinity versions? also how i check this "can you locate both the reported missing fonts." i have attach the screenshot of my font settings. please suggest.
  9. I installed the fonts that i get from affinity when i but this product and also i get some "iconic-templates-affinity-designer" logos but getting error of font missing here i have attached screenshot I checked in illustrator the font is their but can't see this font on affinity. Also i re-installed the fonts that get from affinity when i but this the font are"iconic-fonts". And i restart the PC but still get the same error that i provide you in screenshot. Please suggest us on this. Thanks & Regards, Dharamvir