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  1. Hi iaing, I've learned that this isn't a functionality that Affinity has just yet..I'm not discouraged though, I'm sure it will be added into future versions. As soon as it is implemented I'm quitting Adobe products for good.
  2. Please, if anyone can help me out here I would really appreciate it! What I ultimately want to know is: How does affinity software handle Pantone colour made from pixels? ie: Adobe Photoshop uses Channels and Adobe illustrator can assign Pantone colours to brush strokes etc. But I cannot replicate this using Affinity Designer or Affinity Photo. It appears to me that the content I create in Pixel mode (or on pixel layers) AND vector brushstrokes and masks (on vector layers) is always converted to CMYK on export??? Any help? Please! Kindly, Ben
  3. Hi DWright, I trashed the original but have uploaded another file made in the same way. Thank you kindly for taking a look into this Kind regards, Ben P191C.afdesign
  4. Hi Everyone, I have noticed that if my design contains spot coloured pixels, vector brushes or masks, the exported pdf will convert those elements to CMYK. If there are vector shapes, lines and text (without added complexity using pixels) then the spot colour is not converted to CMYK. Is this a limitation in the software? Or am I missing a step? I have attached a basic example here. Thanks and advance for all your help! Kindly, Ben
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