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  1. Yes, exactly. The situation is, you have an image and you want to print it at a certain size. In Photoshop, you would resize without resampling, specify the size you want, and you're done; the image is now the exact size you want without touching any pixels. In Affinity products, you have to resize without resampling, calculate current size ÷ desired size × current DPI and then set the DPI (which is also limited to integers so you can't even get exact sizes). Sure, that's possible, but why am I manually calculating ratios on behalf of a computer program? Especially if my workflow has me frequently printing images of arbitrary resolution at specific sizes.
  2. This is still not fixed and it's incredibly frustrating. Of course I can calculate the DPI myself and force it, but that's ridiculous.
  3. Sorry, I’m traveling right now and haven’t been able to post. It’s happening to me on lines that aren’t perfectly straight. I’ll try to sanitize and share my file in a few days. Thanks for the thorough support!
  4. To reproduce: Draw a stroke Add an outline in the Layer Effects menu Expand Stroke Result: Layer outline expands to 1024px Expected: Layer outline should not change

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