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  1. Yes, this is one of the ways how FBI / NSA identifies leaked documents. But they apply these tracking codes to ALL printers.
  2. Hello, we all know that we are spied and all papers from our printers contains secret yellow dots code. I detected them in document printed on my printer and scanned on 1200 DPI scanner. I attached pictures. That big one with green surface is best to be viewed on big monitor with high resolution (I have 5K iMac). That dark one scan is detailed view on yellow dot on white paper (1000% zoom). My question to Affinity Photo pros: Can you please tell me what is the best way to detect these dots on paper via Affinity Photo? On Mac or iPad. Thanks. Untitled.tiff
  3. Hello, how works iOS Files app integration for Affinity Photo for iPad? I see different pictures in Files app and different pictures in Affinity Photo itself.
  4. Hello, as first, I'm new here, so hello from Slovakia :-) My question is about APu bonus: I purchased Affinity Publisher today and I like it. But I'm also interested in free bonus included in purchase, because I purchased AP in MAS and so no downloadable content in my Affinity account. I can provide any proof of purchase via MAS. Thanks. Lukáš
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