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  1. bodobe

    Little Bird (AD vector illustration)

    Thank you, aloach :)
  2. bodobe

    different eyes

    Another vector portrait. I love to work with the pen tool, the gradient- & gaussian tool ^_^
  3. bodobe

    Evil Rat

    Nicely done, i like your style.
  4. Thank you, Phantomist! Most difficult were the wheels and the headlights. Headlights are a mass of indefinable reflections, it's hard to see clearly there… ;)
  5. bodobe

    my first steps with AD

    Thank you! :)
  6. Hey Folks, thank you! ;)
  7. Some screenshots (in AD) ...
  8. bodobe

    Her Companion

    Pure vector illustration. Clear lines & perfect curves. Love ... Vector!
  9. bodobe

    Kawaii metal covers

    Nice works, I like the candy colors. Cool stuff!
  10. bodobe

    L'il Doggy - Airbrush style in Designer

    Nicely done, I like the style ... :)
  11. bodobe


    What can a small bubble be? So great, with all the brilliant colors... Thank you for sharing!
  12. bodobe


    Cool character, so cute!
  13. bodobe

    3 doggies

    Very nicely done, cute doggies!
  14. bodobe

    my first steps with AD

    another eye
  15. bodobe

    my first steps with AD

    My latest work (AD)
  16. bodobe

    Poster Design

    @Pete, nice nice nice job! I love laurel & hardy, great illustration!
  17. bodobe

    my first steps with AD

    Hello Kristina, hello MEB - thank you! For my vector illustrations AD is excellent, I love working with it. Especially the Pen Tool is great! I mentioned it already? No matter ;-) It's still exciting for me to work with AD. Please share my work, if you like it ♡.
  18. bodobe

    my first steps with AD

    just the wireframe … little butterfly can be great ;-)[ attachment=4676:BF.JPG]
  19. bodobe

    my first steps with AD

    hi folks, my latest work in AD, some attempts with the color settings (feather boa).
  20. bodobe

    my first steps with AD

    @MEB / Dale - thank you :)
  21. bodobe

    my first steps with AD

    thanks M4RCK3, @MEB: hum, wait? :unsure:
  22. bodobe

    Control Room illustration

    Nice illustration!
  23. bodobe

    my first steps with AD

    Here's the latest work in the gallery, hope you like this illustration and thanks for sharing ;)
  24. bodobe

    Dream Gradients

    Veeery nice, thanks for sharing Chris!