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  1. Dan C, that seems to work (with a few simple shapes anyway). Is there a way to make that my default? If I put the program away for a week I am unlikely to remember this.
  2. Tried this, it now imports bigger than it should be. Made a 2" box and it imported as 2.66"
  3. It was on 300 I also tried 96 (due to another post on the subject) but it made no difference. dpi "should" not matter since this is a a pure vector image/file. After posting here I came across 2 more threads on the exact same issue and both threads ended with no solution.
  4. Well turns out that with different sized objects the amount it needs to be scaled by is different. So no way this is going to work out unless this can be fixed.
  5. Just purchased Affinity Designer but have used many other programs like it. I am going to be using it to create .svg files for use with Shapeoko CNC machine. Issue is that when I save as an SVG and open in Carbide Create (the cnc creation software) the opjects are much smaller. I had a perfect rectangle reference size and it turns out I have to scale it by exactly 65.837% to make it the proper size. The CNC software uses inches and it looks like Affinity uses inches as well so it's not a conversion error (like one being metric) so not sure why it's doing this. I won't always have an exact size item so I can scale it and I hate to try and remember 65.837. Any ideas?
  6. I downloaded the trial version 30 minutes ago and already love it. I do have a question, when manipulating shapes by handles with snap to grid turned on I noticed the handles themselves don't snap to grid, is there a way to enable this or is it not implemented? I want to use the program for my CNC machine and some parts need to be extremely accurate and so I would really like the ability to have the handles snap to grid if possible. I am an Adobe refuge. Have Photoshop and Illustrator pre subscription but as I upgrade my Mac's OS they are loosing functionality and on the next upgrade I am told they both will cease to function.