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  1. I use SHIFT + COMMAND + ; (Show/Hide Guides) or CONTROL + W (Turn on/off Preview Mode) to see everything clear without any frames/guides. I hope i could help you.
  2. Hello! I'm Ron from Germany. I love to talk about Design especially PixelArt, Logo- ,Web- , 3D- and/or Isometric Design. I love the Golden Ratio and the idea of creating a logo or web design using the fibonacci sequence. Besides my passion for design, my real knowledge about it is not particularly good. As well as my English skills. Reading or listening to English is not a problem for me but writing and speaking is difficult, so I need a lot of time for such a post. But I am here to improve myself, so please bear with me. Back then I started using Gimp. I switched to Adobe when I started my studies because I could only cover the costs with a student bonus. Since then I am looking for a good and cheap alternative. Two weeks ago I heard from a colleague about Affinity. At the moment I have some time at work, which allows me to deal more with affinity. After 2 weeks with 6-8 hours a day, I can probably say that I understand basics. I am very excited about Affinity and would like to start, learn and grow with the new version 1.7. I hope for a fun and educational cooperation. See you, Ron http://www.ronwollschlaeger.de/
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