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  1. Here is an example of an outer shadow and its settings applied to this arrow: Here is what it looks like after I export it: Maybe there's a PDF export setting that is removing it? Here are my PDF export settings:
  2. Mark M. (bigmountainstudio

    EPUB export

    I also would like to request this feature. I have many readers asking for an epub version of my PDF book.
  3. Hello, I think I found a bug. When I insert a hyperlink on some text in a text frame, it will still work even though I hide that text frame. Meaning, I hide the hyperlink, export the PDF, open the PDF and click in the area where the label is hidden and the hyperlink still works. Steps to Reproduce: Add a text frame Add some text Insert a hyperlink to a URL Go into Layers pane Uncheck the text frame so it is no longer visible Export to PDF Click in the area where the text frame is What happens? A browser opens up and you are navigated to the URL. What is expected to happen? Nothing should happen and the hyperlink should not be there if the text frame is not visible.
  4. Mark M. (bigmountainstudio

    Isometric Studio - Add Remove From Plane

    I also second the "Remove from plane" button in the Isometric pane. I was looking all over for how to make it go back to normal.
  5. Mark M. (bigmountainstudio

    Feature Request: Export Preset

    Thanks, John, that's exactly what I do. I actually have a little note I keep to remind me what to do when I re-export: Free Book - Show footers - Show "Free Version" on cover 0-199,368-369 Full Book - Hide footers - Hide "Free Version" on cover 0-368, 370 Then I just copy and paste those page numbers.
  6. Mark M. (bigmountainstudio

    Table of contents and hyperlinks

    Having the whole row (text and page number) as a hyperlink would be great. I upvote this feature! I published an eBook with Publisher and I had someone tell me that the table of contents should be hyperlinked. It wasn't obvious the page numbers are clickable.
  7. Situation I have a free version and a paid version of my book. In the free version, I export pages 1 - 139. Page 139 is a thank you page and where to go to get the full version. There is also a footer (hyperlink) on where to get the full version. In the paid version, I export pages 1-138, 140-399. I leave out page 139. I also hide the footer (hyperlink to the full version.) Solution Allow Publisher to save and name export settings. You can save and name export presets but not specific pages you want to export. I'd love to have this. I would also love if the Export dialog remembered your last choice for the Area selector (dropdown). It always goes back to "All Spreads" and I can't tell you how many PDFs I've created that I had to do over because I really need pages, not spreads for an eBook. Have an export properties pane for export settings, so when you choose a layer, you can choose only to export when an export preset is used. For example, this is how it would work: I would create and name two export presets: Free Paid Then I would select page 139 and go to the export properties pane. By default, the page exports with all export presets. Then I would look at the list of all of my presets, select "Paid" and remove it. Now page 139 only exports for "Free" export preset that remains in the list. Next, I would go to my master that has the hyperlink footer, select the text frame and go to the export properties pane. Then I would look at the list of all of my presets, select "Paid" and remove it. Now, that footer only exports for "Free" export preset that remains in the list. Thank you for your consideration! Mark
  8. Mark M. (bigmountainstudio

    Curve Text Into Shape (See attached example)

    This is a really creative way to solve the problem, CPC! Never even thought about the Shear property.
  9. Mark M. (bigmountainstudio

    Curve Text Into Shape (See attached example)

    OK, well thanks everyone for replying and providing alternate solutions!
  10. I was wondering if there is a way to curve text into a shape. Like in the attached image you see "ARENO" isn't quite "text on a path". Maybe it can be converted to curves and I can manipulate the bounding box into that shape? I'm not sure how to accomplish this. Thanks in advance for any suggestions! Mark
  11. Mark M. (bigmountainstudio

    Finer Control over line spacing (Paragraph Leading)

    Wait, MikeW, yeah! Under Text Frame properties, Baseline Grid, the Use Baseline Grid option was checked off. I unchecked it and was able to adjust the Paragraph Leading property. At first, I thought you meant Baseline Grid dialog box: But that fixed it. Thank you!
  12. Mark M. (bigmountainstudio

    Finer Control over line spacing (Paragraph Leading)

    I am not. It is unchecked.
  13. Hello, I'm trying to gain finer control over the line spacing in a Text Frame. It seems to jump from little space to a lot of space. Examples Here, the Text Frame's Paragraph Leading property is set to 14: Here, the Text Frame's Paragraph Leading property is set to 15: I'd like to get this spacing somewhere in between. Am I using the correct property (Paragraph Leading)? Thanks, Mark
  14. Mark M. (bigmountainstudio

    How to "unplace" and image in an Picture Frame?

    Oh man, so simple! Thank you, Dominik!
  15. Hello, I placed an image in a picture frame but now I want to remove it (not replace it). I searched for a while but couldn't find anything. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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