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    Finer Control over line spacing (Paragraph Leading)

    Wait, MikeW, yeah! Under Text Frame properties, Baseline Grid, the Use Baseline Grid option was checked off. I unchecked it and was able to adjust the Paragraph Leading property. At first, I thought you meant Baseline Grid dialog box: But that fixed it. Thank you!
  2. Mark M. (bigmountainstudio

    Finer Control over line spacing (Paragraph Leading)

    I am not. It is unchecked.
  3. Hello, I'm trying to gain finer control over the line spacing in a Text Frame. It seems to jump from little space to a lot of space. Examples Here, the Text Frame's Paragraph Leading property is set to 14: Here, the Text Frame's Paragraph Leading property is set to 15: I'd like to get this spacing somewhere in between. Am I using the correct property (Paragraph Leading)? Thanks, Mark
  4. Mark M. (bigmountainstudio

    How to "unplace" and image in an Picture Frame?

    Oh man, so simple! Thank you, Dominik!
  5. Hello, I placed an image in a picture frame but now I want to remove it (not replace it). I searched for a while but couldn't find anything. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  6. Mark M. (bigmountainstudio

    Affinity Publisher: Emojis in Text Frames

    I think I found out why emojis don't work (on Apple):
  7. Hello, when I try to add Emojis to a text frame, I just get a square box showing. Am I doing something wrong? Is there some setting I need to turn on? Thanks! Mark
  8. Mark M. (bigmountainstudio

    Publisher: How to set Page Color?

    Ahh, thanks. So yeah, I guess just a rectangle with color.
  9. In Affinity Publisher, is there a way to set page color? Either on a master page or a regular page? Or should I draw a rectangle and set the color? Thanks!
  10. Mark M. (bigmountainstudio

    Tutorials Video Speed

    Hello and thank you for your great software! I was wondering if you could enable the speed setting for your video tutorials. If you are hosting them in Vimeo, you should be able to do it through the Admin settings. I normally like to watch tutorials at 2X speed. Thanks!