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  1. Well, I'm afraid you should have start from yourself first, because this clearly applies to you and your assumptions towards me in your previous comments. So yep ... you just confirmed it, ego is a helluva thing.
  2. Please behave? I'm quite sure I haven't offended anyone, nor was I rude with my comments. You obviously have ego issues my friend. I'm really not sure why are you constantly seeing a conflict when there's none, accusing me of being angry. I'm starting to question, am I speaking to a grown man? There's no conflict on my part. Clearly your ego is not allowing you to think straight. That's why you are trying to defend and justify bugs, something that is not working properly. As I said, it's black and white, either is working or it doesn't, there's no third option or gray area. There's no workaround or hack, it just doesn't work, simple as that. So, you think it's not dumb to say, oh it is working only on a particular device? It should work on any device and software if it's done properly. If I spend my hard earned money on something, I will for sure say my opinion on the subject/item and I will give a constructive feedback/critique. I wasn't rude. I completely understand both apps are a work in progress, but I expect for basic stuff to work, which is clearly not the case here. I'm really sorry, perhaps they are there, but they are not working properly and that's a huge difference. This is also not true. I've mentioned Photoshop and I've said any app out there has it. Also, I've mentioned simpler apps such as Mischief and Leonardo. OP mentioned even more apps: Corel Painter, Krita, OpenCanvas, PaintStorm Studio etc... I can add even more: Sketchbook Pro, Gimp, MediaBand, ArtRage, ClipStudio Paint and much more. What they all have in common? Well, I think you can figure that by yourself.
  3. Okay then, no worries. My first experience on this forum was quite weird if I'm being honest. Users pretending that they don't understand the issue, while saying that actually is working, which is far from the truth. Or suggesting to use Cintiq, I mean, that's for the biggest facepalm ever. I just want to double, or should I say triple check that we are in the same ballpark. It's not about money, but at this point if I could, I would refund both softwares simply because of the principle. 3 years is a lot for basic stuff to be undone, it's frustrating.
  4. I mean, I've talked about it and it doesn't work for us painters. As OP and me said in our previous comments, we tend to paint zoomed out and crosshair is good on larger brushes, but it disappears on medium sized brushes. It is clunky AF, not working properly, it's a hack to disguise the real issue. I don't want to sound rude, but I'm not sure why I have to repeat myself over and over, but I guess it is one of those forums where you have to point every single detail multiple times.
  5. @ForestHymn exactly, and don't worry about repeating what we have already discussed, it seem for some reason that non-painters can't understand it quite well. So it is better if we have multiple instances. Anyways, please check the new thread opened by @Frozen Death Knight
  6. Thank you @Frozen Death Knight Here's a quick preview in case anyone still does not understand it.
  7. For me it is a hack because it is not working as it should, it is clunky, especially for painters. For instance, if you are painting zoomed out which we do quite often, if you resize your brush to a smaller one, the crosshair disappears and you can't pick a precise color. Now, when pressing the ALT key while using the brush tool, it doesn't have to switch to a picker icon per se, it can switch to a crosshair icon. I don't mind it, as long as it quickly switch between the brush tool and the picker tool.
  8. Quite sure @ForestHymn and I are talking about the very same thing. I have already mentioned in my previous posts that you can turn on "Always show brush cursor" and turn off "Show brush preview". However, crosshair cursor disappears at some point. It is not intuitive nor user friendly. Why to rely on hacks, make it as it should be? Is that so hard to do? This
  9. We have already addressed this, it is clunky and not user friendly. Try to precisely pick a color with a larger brush size, it is impossible. Again, don't understand why everyone's defend something that is not working properly.
  10. @Frozen Death Knight so you are saying when you are painting with a brush tool and when you want to quick pick a color with "ALT" your cursor changes from a brush preview to a precise picker icon? Sorry nope, I (we) explained it. We don't want magnifying glass at all, it takes to much time and it is not user friendly for painters. I guess for retouchers is fine. As I already wrote above, put two states in the preferences and let users choose if they want a magnifying glass or if they want a quick picker. I really don't understand how this is hard to comprehend. You can literally open any drawing/painting app out there and you can see how it should behave. Even Leonardo has it done properly.
  11. Hey listen friend, I didn't start with weird responses and accusations of me being angry. I've posted a constructive feedback. You said that it actually works, which is far from the truth. Also, you've mentioned to use Cinitiq, that was ridiculous and funny at the same time. I'm really sorry, but that is called defending, not wanting to engage with the real issue. It is quite easy, white or black, does it work as it should or it doesn't? Well, it doesn't. There's no other variables to take into consideration. I completely agree with you on this. Quite sure developers are aware of it, but either they don't know how to fix it or they don't want to. This should be quite easy to implement, I gave a suggestion. What we are asking is that basic tools must behave properly, according to standards. Picker is clunky and awful to use, and this is a major issue for a lot of users, the way they have it now is not user friendly. I mean, I don't want to bitch about it, but I gave $80 for both apps. It's not a lot, but I would like to be able to use them. Love new isometric tools in Designer, but I still have to go between Illustrator and Designer which is paint in the back. Love a bunch of features in Photo, but I still have to use Photoshop because basic stuff is not working. Take a look at speed painters, we heavily rely on constant quick color picking. As OP said, we would lose our valuable time with Affinity Photo, and that means money loss. Before adding cool new features, developers must fix basic stuff. 3 years is a very long time.
  12. Oh, so you are messing with me. Is that just for fun or ... ? I would really like to know. We spent time discussing the same thing, and you were constantly saying how you don't understand none of it, stating that I'm angry. Weird! You even wrote the same thing here "I agree. Immediate feedback on pressing the ALT Modifier is badly missing." In almost 40 years of my life, quite sure I never had such a weird conversation. Well, I guess there's always a first time for everything. So what was the point of your first reply? I don understand why are you constantly trying to justify something that is clearly not working properly. As I already said, I really love Serif's products, unfortunately they are picking dust for almost 3 years because crucial things are not working as they should. Again, it's a shame, but this is unfortunately a norm for all alternatives to big industry standard apps. Quite sure I will not live to tell the day when we would ditch Adobe's products for good. I had high hopes for both Photo and Designer, but unfortunately both are still in diapers. For instance, what's the point of having great features if basic stuff is not working properly. If one simple Mischief has it, which I use for sketching, I mean I don't see why Affinity Photo must be different.
  13. What? Anger? Who's angry? Quite sure I'm not, you got it wrong pal. Okay so, instead of me writing it all over again, I will quote above posts, since for some reason you don't want to read them again. If admins feel this is double posting, please delete this message. Everything is explained above, @hifred I'm really not sure how you don't understand it. Crucial bullet points for @hifred it is missing a critical option for higher speed efficiency: a fast color picker option by pressing "Ctrl" or "Alt". This is present in Photoshop, Corel Painter, Krita, OpenCanvas, PaintStorm Studio, etc. When you hold down "Ctrl" or "Alt" and click on the color - it color picks it. Then when you let go of the "Ctrl" or "Alt" key, it goes back to the tool you were using before. the cursor doesn't change to the color picker icon. So if you're painting with a large size brush - for example: 100 pixels wide, and you want to color pick a tiny spot of color (quickly) - and you don't want to wait 2 seconds for the magnifying glass to appear... then you're forced to try to pick a tiny spot - with a giant 100-pixel wide cursor. Which will make it very hard to pick the right spot. holding "Alt" immediately change the cursor to the color picker icon. So you get to have precision quickly, without having to wait several seconds for the magnifying glass to appear? I'm aware that you can color pick with simply pressing ALT, but it is not intuitive and user friendly, especially while using larger brush size. I've tried everything. You can get really close by turning on "Always show brush cursor" and turning off "Show brush preview", but it is still clunky, especially with custom brushes. Open Photoshop, select brush tool, press ALT, release ALT and you will see how cursor behaves between two tools (brush and color picker).
  14. I can't follow either, to me it sounds like you are messing with me, which is clearly not the case. I've read the OP again and I can't find where he's talking about Cintiq. You mentioned that it works on Cintiq, not him. I'm assuming it works because you can use your pen nib on screen, which is not the case with regular tablets. Quite sure I did and even @ForestHymn did it before me. You can find everything above, read carefully. If you need further explanation, I can make a video if you like, but basically as OP said: "This is present in Photoshop, Corel Painter, Krita, OpenCanvas, PaintStorm Studio, etc." Test it yourself and you will see the difference. Every app out there has it, only Affinity Photo is different. Now, I don't even mind not to have a picker icon, it could be a plus cursor icon when you press ALT, without brush preview. This will allow to pick a particular color very precisely.
  15. I really don't want to be rude, but dude, you are suggesting for us to spend money on Cintiq so we can precisely color pick while painting. This is just ... I don't even want to go there. You know, some of us live in countries with a pretty bad/low economy standards. For instance, my monthly payment is below $500, but if you are willing to buy a Cintiq for me so I can use Affinity photo, by all means, I will accept it. Kidding aside, I'm aware that you can color pick with simply pressing ALT, but it is not intuitive and user friendly, especially while using larger brush size. I've tried everything. You can get really close by turning on "Always show brush cursor" and turning off "Show brush preview", but it is still clunky, especially with custom brushes.
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