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  1. Hi, I'm haiving a massive problem with one of my files, when i try and open it Designer just quits, no prompt, no error message. My dedline is today, project needs just one touchup, please, help! File size is just 190MB.
  2. Well it happens every time i start tone mapping. See attached photo_glitch.afphoto. photo_glitch.afphoto
  3. Hi Chris, File was created by chosing "New from clipboard" with a cutout from stock photo attached. Cutout was made with selection brush and then edge was refined. Unfortunately due to copyright laws I can not share original picture, I can only post a link to it. https://depositphotos.com/171140302/stock-photo-samurai-with-horse-statue.html
  4. Hey Sean, sorry for late reply. Actually the problem was objects I wanted to group were already grouped with different objects which caused this wierd effect. Solution was to ungroup them and regroup again. Can't share the file tho.
  5. So this happened to me today, source file got corrupt after using tone mapping persona (actually just after switching to that). Attached is screenshot and damaged file. untitled.afphoto
  6. Hey there Serif team, so far I've been delighted to use your software. I hope it becomes new industry standard. But recently I've had some problems when grouping objects. It only happens sometimes. Please see screenshots in the links below. Ungrouped: https://gyazo.com/d53e95adf9f0be848851e8d2ddadcd94 Grouped: https://gyazo.com/fc3ce14221de756ea6749f5b4aefc2fc
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