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  1. Working fine on my end, sorry to be unhelpful but I can't think of what the problem might be. Maybe Windows Ink is causing some issues or something disabled in your tablet properties?
  2. Hi Mark, Thank you for getting back to me. The plugin is very much made for 32-bit workflow, it even starts complaining that an image is LDR instead of HDR. Is there any kind of information I can give you to help with this? Obviously not today, it's Sunday and I wouldn't want to intrude in your time off But I can confirm the plugin does work with 32-bit images in Photoshop, so if there's anything I can help with, please do let me know. Thanks again
  3. Hello, I've gone through the forum before posting this but can't find an answer. I'm a 3D artist and work with 32-bit EXR constantly. I have a plugin, ArionFX, which is specifically made to work with 32-bit images, I use it in Photoshop all the time but in Photo, it is greyed out unless I change the image from 32-Bit/HDR to 16-bit, which obviously then forfeits the advantages of HDR workflow. I did check and was working with rasterized layers but no joy. Since the plugin does work perfectly well, it opens, processes and applies the effects correctly but simply not available in 32-bit, is this something that you could potentially look into? Frankly it's pretty much the only plugin I ever use and just keeping me from just jumping to Photo full time. If this is something you would be willing to take a look at, please let me know what kind of info you need from my end. Is there anything I can do to force it's availability in 32-bit? Many thanks! V.
  4. Hi there, I tried to search the forums for the right question and this one was the closest I could tack on to, so thank you both for asking and replying. I only have a small clarification to request, if possible: I work in a medium-sized company but I'm the only person who owns a personal license of Affinity Photo and Designer; my understanding is that it is allowed to be used on computers the user owns or controls - so my question is, considering that I am the only one in control of my account and that the software is only accessible through my account but other users could occasionally use the PC (without access to my software), does this qualify as being in control of said terminal? Last thing I want is to throw legal spanners in the company's wheels, I'm actually trying to promote it within the office wherever possible to try and replace some of the competition's products. Thanks again! DQ
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