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  1. You're free to disagree. It doesn't matter. We all use what is good enough for us, and I'm not seeing a point in spending money where I see no benefit. I'd rather go to Starbucks. Designer Pro's spartan interface belies its functionality. I already own Photo and Designer, so the Vector and Bitmap tooling that I need is only that which I need within a page layout solution. It doesn't have to be as good as Affinity Photo and Designer. I already own those, for a reason...
  2. Software like Designer Pro X have all the Bitmap, Vector, and Page Layout (and Web) features built into the same app. Studio is not blowing away the competition, IMO, even though I do feel it is a great way to reuse tech already in Photo/Designer without reinventing the wheel (or duplicating code). This just feels OLE, to me (for those old enough to remember what that is) :-P I got Designer Pro X 15.1 for $25. I did buy Affinity Photo & Designer for Windows, since I have had them on macOS since launch and I like to keep some level of "App Parity" between the two platforms… However, I am not buying Publisher [yet] because it is still missing too much - compared to Designer Pro X - which I still use for all of my page layout stuff.
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    Apple Pages also exports ePub. As does Scrivener, and a few other apps. Writers aren't generally going to use a Page Layout application to write books, anyways. It's for finishing, and I see increasingly less reason to go to something like Publisher for an eBook when you can get the entire A-to-Z workflow done in Scrivener.
  4. Don't see any mention of an SDK for the format, anywhere,;but not sure why any developer would implement support for it when PSD is basically the lingua franca, these days. IMO, it's "good enough" that the Affinity Apps share a common format. That way I can do all work within them, and then just export the PSD or EPS file to use in e.g. Resolve or Fusion. Even if they did make it easily available to implement for others, I'm not sure developers would relish at the chance to chase yet another file format. The same way they pretty much ignore PaintShop Pro's native format and other "competitors" to PSD. I think this will be a non-factor once Serif develops a DAM, which maybe "next." I honestly hope it isn't a video editor, because software like Resolve [Studio] and iMovie/Final Cut Pro X pretty much cover that at low, perpetual pricing - on both major platforms. I suppose support for it in i.e. batch converting applications can be useful...
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    File Associations

    Largely fixed by going through all the file associations, manually, and changing the bitmap/RAW image formats to Photo and Vector Formats to Designer.
  6. Just purchased Affinity Photo and Designer on Windows. They don't show up in Default Apps -> Set Defaults by App. It would be nice if the installer actually registered them there as handlers for supported file types so that we could fix that (via "Default Apps"). This never seemed to be problematic on my iMac, but I think it's cause I bought Designer on release, before Photo... so the install order was the opposite of what I did on Windows. The apps seem to fight for associations, so those get REALLY messy if you install i.e. Designer after Photo. It will steal a number of Photo associations, which don't make sense to have defaulted to a Vector Graphics app. Not sure how it works if installed in a different order, but I may try uninstalling both and installing designer first so that a bunch of bitmap/raster formats aren't opening by default in Affinity Designer. Kind of wish I would have known this before I installed them. It's really annoying.