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  1. Guys, with all due respect, I can’t believe we are still discussing this. I bought this product because it’s advertising note stated among the other key points in plain English that it seamlessly integrates with Apple Photos. It’s my way of storing my memories and I’m free to choose it. Serif said they got me covered with this one and then let it all break loose. Refunding our 50$? Sounds good, why not? The product doesn’t work as marketed, so would be a nice move.
  2. I mean seriously - Catalina beta became available so long ago, should have been fixed even before it was publicly released, this is just ridiculous
  3. Can't really say - will let you know if I encounter it again
  4. Gosh, only just saw this, sorry. Files are regular 12 mpx JPGs from GoPro camera stored locally. I sure do use macros
  5. Hi guys. Have latest Affinity Photo for Mac from App Store and latest version of macOS Catalina (updated today). Still can't edit photos that are stored in iCloud Photo Library and accessed from Photos app in Affinity Photo. See the option in edit menu of Photos app photo edit screen, when I choose "Edit in Affinity Photo" the AF app launches and opens the photo I want to edit, I apply edits and presets, save the photo, close it, get back to Photos app and see an error on the screenshot. Any ideas? Reinstalling AF didn't help.
  6. Checked it - I surely do have read&write permissions for both. The weird thing is that AF writes just fine for some time, then stops, then I restart an app without doing anything else and it writes again just fine
  7. Oh, I see. Never tried that, but that GoPro folder is not any specific app-made folder - I made it myself manually, so no issues should be associated with it, however it's worth checking out
  8. One more annoying thing - whenever I create a really large batch job (like 50 files or more) one always stays in working state and will never get completed (see screenshot for example). The weird fact is that the file that is being displayed in process has actually been processed and is waiting to be shared proud and ready, but to stop the batch I have to kill AF via Cmd-Option-Esc, which is not really the way I prefer doing things
  9. Hi, Callum. That's exactly the case - I'm working on a Mac, not iPad, if I understand the question correctly
  10. Hi. Encountered a weird thing with latest Affinity Photo on my Mac with latest macOS - after quite a while of editing lots of different photos and saving them as Affinity Photo files from either JPEG of DNG sources the app at some point says it can't save a file to a specified location and suggests to either cancel or "Save As..." somewhere else. The solution is simple - restart an app and it works again. Happened to me at least 3 times today... Really annoying, please look into it. I'll add a screenshot of the problem when I'll see it again
  11. come on, guys, Gopro users are a huge market of people who actually want to do more than point and shoot - you'll have so much more sales of the app if you'll be the first after Adobe to master GPR files
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