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  1. Just updated to 1.9.1. The issue with the copy tool still exists.
  2. Hi Chris, Issue 1: well at least I am not imagining it... Issue 2: okay we wait. Issue 3: Yes, they are in greyscale. I just tried it again - but different this time. It works like 90% when I am using my wacom tablet (alt + pen). It never switched when I used the mouse (alt + left mouse click). This is really difficult to grasp. Might it be related to how the Wacom Tablet is being recognized? I will get a different drawing device on thursday. (gaomon PD1651) will try it with that model as well... And yes, it's any picture, converted to PSD with greyscale... I attached one. 20160405_114414_all.psd
  3. Issue 1: Hmm strange, because in 1.6.5 I never had that issue Could it also be a pen & tablet integration issue? I am really at a loss here because it always worked flawless in 1.6.5 for me. Issue 2: Thanks! Issue 3: Oh sorry I didnt mention this, actually, I work with PSDs all the time. So this might be related! I also opened PSDs to recreate the issue. EDIT: I just had a really funny bug actually... I was working on one of the pictures. (PSD greyscale and all), and at the beginning I had the R/G/B values as shown before... And at some point WHILE STILL EDITING it switched over to %. 😱 I didn't close the document, I didn't switch over to another file. I was just working on it... Damn, I didn't even switch tools! I don't understand it anymore. 😨 EDIT2: Haha, it reverted back. And now I can replicate it! Alt-tab out of Affinity... (do something in another program) then CLICK on affinity in the task bar and suddenly R/G/B gets switched % and vice versa! This is hillarious. 🤣
  4. Hi Chris, I tried to reproduce them. Issue 1: Okay I wasnt clear on this. It works if I make it REAL SLOW, but if I move faster it's not working. Video is attached! this worked in 1.6.5 without any issues. Sorry, I havent really worked actively on this version so far, because it bugs me. oh yes, I just remembered: sometimes when I have this issue, I also get a circle around my mouse. Like... I'd click too long on the same place? but actually affinity just refuses to accept my (maybe too fast?) input. As I said before though: this had no issues in 1.6.5. Issue 2: Yes the Clone tool. I also added the Tool in the video. and used it like described. You can probably see my settings in die video as well. If you need more details / further screenshots let me know which exactly Issue 3: I tried to add this to the video but when I clicked the alt key it wasnt shown in the video. So I attached two additional pictures. One note on this: the first time I opened my files I had R / G / B Values on all of the pictures. I reopened all of them like 2-3 times and then one picture had the grey scale %, the other were in R / G / B Affinity_Photo_2020-04-30_16-17-32.mp4
  5. Hello guys, I tried the current version again. I was stuck for a long time on 1.6.5 because of several bugs, and thought I'd try the current version again... However, most issues are still not fixed, and I simply can't work with this version the way it is Will probably revert to 1.6.5 yet AGAIN. So I am opening up a bug report this time, in hope you will fix those issues in a later release. Few things to my device / hardware Setup: 32 GB RAM AMD Ryzen 7 3700X AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT Wacom Intuos P&T S (Driver Version 6.3.38-2 (up to date)) Windows 10 Pro 1909 (18363.778) Affinity Photo (No issues with version 1.6.5 at all) Single Monitor (24''; 1920x1200px Resolution) Issues I found: - I work mostly with my Wacom Intuos, when I work with Affinity Photo. Adjusting the size of the brush is a horror! As I mentioned before I use the Wacom Intuos. So I am also trying to adjust my brush size with the pen. Which is a horror. What do I do? I use my pen, click 'Width' and slowly drag it either to the right or the left. Depending on if I want the brush bigger or smaller. In Affinity Photo 1.6.5 this smoothly adjusts the number, so that I can decide if I want to take small steps or big steps... In Affinity Photo 1.8.3... It simply ignores me sometimes, or jumps only a few steps, then stops again. This drives me insane and this is also the main reason why I will revert back to 1.6.5 asap. I adjust my brushes so many times that it really slows me down. Copy Tool doesn't realize when I already copied over the place What do I do? I select my target, then (a few centimetres to the right for example) I place my pen down and drag it further to the right. So. This is kinda hard to explain... I don't stop midway, I just keep going and finally I get to the point where I started to copy the left side of the picture. When I get there, it starts with the pattern again, which has already been removed. I don't think this happened in 1.6.5. Grey scale pictures have R/G/B Values when opened? What do I do? This is really a minor thing, but I just noticed it. I open up a document, which I had converted to grey scale earlier. The first document isn't usually a problem. If I open several documents in grey scale the fun begins. So my first document... I select my tab, and want to start working. So I 'color pick' myself one of the grey scales available. In the 'color picker preview' (Mind I use the ALT key for this!) I can see the grey scale percentage. Okay, so I open up my 2nd page, which was in a second tab, and here it's different. Even though the page was converted to B/W before, it now gives me R / G / B values in the 'color picker preview'. So, hopefully I didn't forget something. I hope this helps you to improve Affinity Photo even more! Thanks for your hard work guys!
  6. I need to update to v 1.7 again to check this... :/ Rolled back to 1.6.5 Please give me a few more days, until I can check.
  7. Found this: Sounds exactly like my problem... only on Photo instead of Designer.
  8. Additional Info: I just had the same issue with Youtube.
  9. Okay so I finally had the time to make a video. Up to 0:31 everything works fine. Crunchyroll was playing my anime and then I skipped a few seconds (at crunchyroll), because I wanted to skip the song. So I go back to Affinity Photo. And then I can't properly work anymore. I need to close affinity photo and open it up again to continue working. I had 1.6.5 installed and tested it. Never had any issues. Video: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-En4apewec-ioosf33T6mevoLvpjzuzn
  10. Hi Chris, you're right. I think I had brush settings, which were lost in the upgrade process. I noticed this when I downgraded back to 1.6 and my settings were still gone. *sigh* I will try to make a video of issue 3 though!
  11. Hi guys, I'm new here. Have been a long time reader though. I recently updated to version 1.7 after it came out. Now I am having several issues, which make me want to revert back to v1.6 First off all I am using Windows 10, 1903. (And the problems existed even before with 1809) I use a Razer Blade. (specs: i7-7700HQ, 16GB RAM, SSD, NVidia GeForce GTX 1060) I am working with a Wacom Intuos most of the time. Which means I actively need pen pressure and gesture controls. And this is also when I have the most issues. 1. I open up a new file, select my Paint Brush Tool and start drawing, realizing that the force pressure control has been turned off again. Ok, I see, so I turn it on... 2. I then later switch to the stamp, which suddenly also has pen pressure control active, because this seems to be global setting now? The way this is being handled now got changed. Because before with v1.6 I never had to enable or disable the force pressure. It was there for my Paint Brush Tool when I started the Program and it was off when I switched over to the Stamp. I think this was a per tool setting. 3. Another Issue I have, but I am not sure what causes it, is when I'm actively working on a document and watch a show in Google Chrome (Version 75.0.3770.90 just for your info) and want to pause or switch to the next episode, then go back to affinity photo, I can forget to continue working. Somehow all my brushes act weird. I cant make any curves nor can I see if I have a brush tip at all. using the stamp results in nothing. When I use the Paint Brush Tool it can only make straight lines. This issue only occurs when I am watching a series. (I only tested it with crunchyroll.com though) The only fix I can do then is a restart of Affinity Photo, which brings me back to my first issue again. So this seems to be like a vicious circle for me. Are those really all intended behaviors or did I encounter a few bugs? I hope you guys can help me out here, because I really think about reverting back to 1.6. (I am missing the old convert format... I now need 4 clicks to switch to another color format. This was way faster with 1.6!)
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