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    PDF import fails

    +1!! This is the feature I'm waiting for the most! And to make it even better, I hope they are going to implement the function to place multipage PDFs, so that new needed pages are automatically added. But as I see there's a lot of progres now (.idml import...), I'm quite optimistic to see these features in the near future!
  2. Hi MEB, thank you for your answer. But as you guessed I need to Import the PDF inside an existing document. In case it would be possible to merge pages from different Publisher files, this might be a workaround. But as far as I know this isn't possible as well.
  3. +1 is there any news? Any timescale when this might be implemented in the future (within weeks, month or years?) We need this feature so badly here. So far it's extremely unpractical that you can't import a PDF with multiple pages automatically! We usually have tons of pdf files (with sometimes 100+ pages) to import. The best would be to just set the first page in the right position and with the right scale and then Publisher should create as much pages as the pdf-file has and fill the document with these pages, the same way like you set up the first page. Almost everything else works so nice, that I would love to switch to Publisher. But without this feature it's practically impossible!
  4. +1 here This are the most important features for me!! I would really like to know if there's some hope to see this functionality in the near future..
  5. Are there any news about this topic? I usually need to place lots of external PDFs in my documents (Some with more than 100 pages). So it's kind of impossible to place every page by hand. In Indesign I'm using the script for multipage import. Are there any plans to implement such features in the near future?

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