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  1. Hello Mark, yes, Designer installed from MS Store is very very slow. Designer installed form affinity-download ist fast. But I bought Designer from MS Store and so I coult user Designer from affinity-download only for a limited time as a try-version. Other programs from the MS Store run normaly. I don't know how many fonts in my windows-installation are. But there are the some fonts when running Designer from the MS Store (extremly slow) and form affinity-download (in fast speed). I also use Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher - both directly from Affinity bought. The are both running fast. So I think it has nothing to do with ithe fonts. Designer ist extremly slow also when I habe opened no document. BG ArWi
  2. Hello my Affinity Designer runs very very slow. The reaction after every mouse click takes several seconds. I can not work with it anymore. I use Windows 10 - 64 on a core i7 3770k with 16 GB ram and ssd / Radeon RX Vega 56 / UHD monitor with 115% scale. After starting Designer, the splash-screen don't closes automaticly. The cpu-usage in the taskmanager goes up. A reinstallation had no effect. On the system I use Photo and Publisher (beta) - both on 1.7.x on HDD - Photo und Publisher .Both run at the usual speed - both very fast! I notice that in %appdata%/.../Affinity/ are directorys for "Common", "Photo" and "Publilsher" - but not for "Designer". Do you have any idea what I could do? BG ArWi
  3. Hello Dan C, Designer my use all ressources - that is o.k. but not my point. In the moment I can't use Designer in any way. The reactiontime on each mouseklick takes 3-5 seconds. Even ehen no working-file is loades and I only make a klick on the menue this also takes 3-5 seconds to react on this klick. What can I do? Deinstallation an reinstallation I tryed... BG ArWi
  4. Hello Dan C, thank you very much - but ist seems to bei complicated. When I deinstall Designer with the MS-tool and reinstall from https://store.serif.com/update/windows/designer/1/ then Designer works with fast speed without any problems. But I bought Designer form the Microsoft Store - so that I do not have licence-key for Designer (Photo and the supscriton of Publisher directly from Serif). So in this way I could run Designer only for a try-periode. That's why I uninstalled Designer again and reinstalled it from Microsoft-Store. After that I have the same problems again. Designer is very very slow. The problem seems to be connected to the installation of the MS-Store. Can I somehow determine the license number of my designer bought in the MS-Store? Incidentally,% AppData% was empty even though I had C installed. Maybe this is also related to the installation via the MS-Store. I did not mean the welcome screen. I mean this splash-screnn which ist shown wenn Designer ist starting. This screen closes only after a few minutes automatically. Normaly it should close automatically when Designer has been started. @Dazmondo77 thank you too - but it not depends on snapping BG ArWi