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  1. Thank you for answering my support request so quickly and offering me the beta program. I worked with the paint mixer and smudge brushes pretty hard with no crashes (please see the attached artwork). But I've got to tell ya.... installing the Af. Photo beta kinda messed with my computer a bit. I'm on an older system so when the installer automatically restarted my computer without asking permission, it caused some problems - nothing major but it scared me. May I please suggest that y'all ALWAYS ask permission to restart someone's computer!!! Thanks again for the help today. Angela Roberts
  2. Thanks. No worries. I certainly appreciate the attention to my help request.
  3. ok... I feel really stupid. I've got a list with no icon. So sorry. I know you're busy.
  4. sorry for asking... but I can't figure out how to install the beta. I feel a little silly asking you about this. Thanks for the help. The program is mainly crashing when I use the paint mixer brush.
  5. Since the update Affinity Photo stalled on me several times - now it just crashes (turns off). It has crashed 4 times this morning. I'm working on an older but up-to-date geforce 660 gpu and a i7 64bit architecture. Any thoughts?