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  1. Hi It is not included right now in AD as far as I know. You can deal with it by using tab bar and drag bottom scroll (drag left indent excluding first line). I don't belive it can be set as a shortcut or automated but it works.
  2. I agree. appinfo has to be deleted to solve it. I've test it on my machine and voilĂ  Thanks for the hint!
  3. Finally I figured it out so I try to help. I think that this might have something to do with previous versions. I had the same info. Uninstall everything. If You did not try find Release.appinfo files. You have Mac so I don't know where they might be (\%ProgramData%\Affinity\Common\1.0\appinfo\Release). Delete them. Second thing I did was getting rid of Affinity files from AppData/Roaming. It worked for me Good luck
  4. Confirm. Got exactly the same problems. CMYK gives weird values, fies from 1.7 doesn't open in previous version.
  5. I confirm. I have the same issue on 1.7. The same box has different values in illustrator too
  6. Yeah I'm sure You didn't do this on puropse. I just wanted to confirm that previus version accepted all my fonts installed. I just don't know how many fontfaces suppors new version 1.7. I'm gonna wait for new updates, maybe it can be fixed. Till than thanks for some great new stuff (like isometric grid). Loooove it
  7. So You guys having the same issue I get. After update to 1.7 many of my fonts are invisible in Designer (I'm using FontExpert and it was fine before). I hope devs would fix this soon. I assume AD is limiting font amount somehow.
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