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  1. ChristianR

    Export multi-page PDF

    Hi MEB, Thanks for updating us. Do you have any updates on the text issue? Since I send the documents to large quantities of people, it’s important that they can select and copy text. Are you all looking into this? :D
  2. Hi everyone I just updated to Affinity Designer 1.7 on my iPad and noticed that my multi-artboard PDF documents in both the export persona and file > export only export as a continuous document with individual artboards pasted to one page, rather than a page for each artboard. I also have an issue (one that I have had since using the application) with selecting text on the exported PDF pages. When trying to highlight text on specific documents I export, it will highlight the entire page—making it impossible to copy or select anything at all. I’ve tried troubleshooting the issue myself, but no luck. If you all can help me here, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

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