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  1. Hey everyone, I am pretty new to Affinity Designer and I have one issue I cannot solve on my own or using searches. To create shadows on let's say an ellipse, I create an ellipse, duplicate it, make this one a bit darker, move it e.g. a few pixels down and to the left and then add the original ellipse as child of the shadow layer. Thus, it looks like a shadow. Unfortunately, I am facing a problem when some of this layer is overlapping another one. There is always a thin border around the whole ellipse which I cannot get rid of. I attached a file in which you can see it on the right. I used pixel view, because the stroke is very thin in vector view. I have of course set the border to transparent and in the stroke-tab (I am not quite sure, if it's called like this in the English version) I also set the thickness to 0. What do I have to do to delete this border? Thank you for your help! M7M
  2. Thanks @firstdefence, this worked for me. Can anyone explain, why this behaviour occurs? It doesn't seem right to me. I know about antialiasing, but I do not understand, why this is an issue here. Or is it just a bug?
  3. That's right, if I try as you suggested, there is no border anymore. But this is not quite what I wanted - if I didn't get you wrong. I want one ellipse and inside of this ellipse a small part which indicates a shadow (left). If I just put it on top of each other, there are two ellipses with too much visible of the lighter one (right):