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  1. On 9/6/2019 at 8:17 PM, Alfred said:

    Without seeing the files, a difference in the document DPIs does seem the likeliest explanation.

    6 hours ago, Fixx said:

    If Designer has document set up in physical units (mm or inches), copying stuff from it should keep dimensions in such units. It is certainly a bug if it does not.

    Agree with Fixx. vector objects are not related to pixels (dpi), so the size should not change when copying to a document with a different dpi.


  2. 8 hours ago, fde101 said:

    Shadows are added as a layer effect: select the layer (object) you want to apply the shadow to, click the "fx" button on the layers panel, select "Outside Shadow", turn it on and adjust to taste.

    Block Shadow (or Long Shadow) is something diferent from a regular "Outside Shadow".


    8 hours ago, fde101 said:

    This is already there, but only for left-to-right scripts.

    So its more like: 13-Complex scripts and RTL support.

    But there is also alot of LTR languges that are not supportet corectly, for examples look here:




  3. 9-Image trace.

    10-Knife, eraser tool.

    11-Node Smooth tool.

    12-symmetry tool.

    13-Multiple language support.

    14-Block-shadow tool.

    9 hours ago, Luissta said:

    Does any of these features in the roadmap?

    Affinity has deleted all roadmaps, so it's not clear what will be added first and which features later. but most of this great CorelDRAW features will for sure be added over the next few years. you can see the old roadmap here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/91619-why-did-serif-delete-the-entire-roadmap-thread/& .

    Best regards :) 


  4. 23 hours ago, ErrkaPetti said:

    Many Illustrator/Photoshop users say this about Adobe, it’s many many features, but, the both program there is very heavy to run and runs much slower than Affinity Suite of apps...

    I agree. but this few small (but very handy, sometimes) features is not the factor to make the program slow, its more about heavy features, like the "revolving" and 3D options in AI.

    I used this "convert artistic text to paragraph text" option a lot in CorelDRAW, it's just a little feature, but sometimes very handy.