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  1. Very Nice tutorial Bri-Toon Animation design is my hobby... i hope AD will have animation features soon. Thanks!
  2. The Smart Fill in CorelDRAW creates a new separate object, it's not linked to any other object or stroke.
  3. Can this topic be moved to "feature request"?
  4. Same with an Eraser tool...
  5. 1+ for all, especially for request 1&4 (in my recent program - CorelDRAW, there are very wide options and possibilities to control guides)
  6. In CorelDRAW it's possible to apply/edit Long Shadows very easily and quickly, with the Block Shadow tool. Will be great to see this tool in ADesigner...
  7. 1+ I will love to see right2left support in Affinity...
  8. Not bad... I have lots of customers in Urdu/arabic etc, so right 2 left features will be great.
  9. Good morning everyone! new to Affinity and new to the forums. A small feature request, but big when it comes to design posters and magazines. Please add to the Corner Options, the "Fancy" style ()",i used to use it very much in Indesign. Best regards!
  10. No, the "Path Finder tool" request is something completely different. here we ask for something like the "smart fill" tool in Corel DRAW. (I'm not sure if there is such a tool in AI, perhaps the "Live Paint Bucket Tool" is the most similar tool to that, but it's really a simple and very useful tool)
  11. Thanks for the idea, but when it comes to filling a lot of "holes" with colors, it will get difficult to end it up correctly. (see attached file) I think that a "smart filler" is an important tool for A Designer. Great application should have "automated tools".
  12. Is there any plan to add all those effects like it's in Drawplus?
  13. Where can i get the 1.7.1 beta?
  14. Can you please upload a screenshot. i'm using the latest Publisher beta, and Designer 1.7, but can't found this panel. Tnks.
  15. +1. (i used this a lot in CorelDRAW)
  16. Can this be added as a "feature request"?
  17. So how can i create this kind of Bitmap Effects in Designer?
  18. Will they add eventually Animation tools in Designer like it's in DrawPlus? i'm a graphic and animation designer, and this kind of tools will help me a lot. (I see many topics to ask for it, here in the forums)
  19. Wow! well done Affinity! DESIGNER = PHOTO = PUBLISER 3 great products that compares Adobe and Corel very easily... ---------------------- Just for curiosity ... What's the next project @ the affinity team? maybe a great Animation app?! --------------------- I'm staying tuned... A happy [new] costumer
  20. And also more "line styles" like in Indesign.