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  1. As far i know, there is no Chinese/Japanese UI in Affinity. Bt"w, i'm not sure if we need a completely Arabic/Hebrew/etc UI, we just need that the English version should supports RTL. (My work is usually in English, its simply sucks whenever I have mixed words from other languages).
  2. Maybe you can try to use "Screen To Gif"... https://www.screentogif.com/downloads.html ...Or maybe "LiceCap". https://www.cockos.com/licecap/
  3. Quicktime Player is also avalable for Windows. https://support.apple.com/kb/DL837?locale=en_US
  4. Hi dominik. Here you can found the reason why they are unwilling to add support for RTL and Complex scripts in the near future. . When i asked Serif directly via email if they would add this support, that's what they answered me: "We understand that there is a large number of users who require RTL support, but it is not something that can be created quickly. There are a lot of intangibles with the different RTL languages, that do not come in to play with Latin languages. Latin languages are very formulaic in there composition, where as right to left languages can vary from Arabic to Hebrew, or from Persian to Urdu. We don't just need to implement the ability to right from right to left, we also need to ensure that all of the technical aspects of these languages are working correctly. We are a tiny company with limited resources. We will do what we can we with the resources that we have. We do not want to focus the coming years focusing on one feature, and if it is something that is feasible then it will be included in the future." --- So, it sounds that we'll have to wait a long time, until we will have support for complex scripts and rtl languages in affinity. Bt"w, in my opinion it's worth to hire programmers only for this purpose. it's a 100 percent guarantee they will get back the money (With large percentages) very fast, taking in mind that they are opening the way for new hundreds of thousands of graphic designers (and maybe millions over the time) who can't work without this supports.
  5. Please add to ADesigner something like the amazing Symmetry Tool from CorelDRAW (and Adobe illustrator), that allows to create all kinds of shapes and lines in a symmetrical pattern easley and instantly. (In AD its only for "brushes" in the "pixel persona") Thanks.
  6. Thanks Chris26. but it helps only for one line of Text. in a paragraph, the order of the lines also gets reversed. Is there a work-around also for this concern?
  7. Affinity: pls add an option to skew the Text Frame, without skewing the next. it's an important option! (maybe when pressing Shift, etc.)
  8. This is how it looks when i import a Hebrew PDF in ADesigner (i export it from 2 programs, Microsoft Word & CorelDRAW. both with the same results).
  9. It sound like they don't realize how important it is for an updated application to provide this kind of support...they are cutting out the whole middle east who are writing rtl natively, and hundreds of thousands in other countries who needs it at least at times.
  10. Adam_D: how did you replaced the icons? can you give us short instructions (and maybe also to upload the icons) how to do this? i want to try it out, basically just for the fun...
  11. 1+ (like the "symmetry tool" in CorelDRAW. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/89099-symmetry-tool/
  12. dominik: The Mesh fill tool is a different kind of tool, it's not for what Smooo67 is asking here. But thanks for the idea anywaws
  13. Will this kinds of options be available for "text on a path" like it's in AI/CDR?
  14. Glicky


    No, at the moment its not possible, You can export an InDesign document to PDF, and then import the PDF into Publisher. but as Affinity said, there is a plan to add this possibility. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/65038-how-can-i-open-indesign-indd-and-idml-files-in-publisher/ Unfortunately, there is currently no support for "Middle East" (rtl) support in Affinity, but it will probably be added in the near future (there is a very widely request for it). Take a look here in these tread: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/75219-changing-color-of-brushes/&tab=comments#comment-392250 ------------ About tutorials, you can also visit the "tutorials (Serif and Customer Created Tutorials)" page, here on the forums. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/9-tutorials-serif-and-customer-created-tutorials/ Best regards!
  15. 1BIG + The "Freeform Gradient tool" is a very cool tool added by Adobe in the last release. something like this in AD will be really great...
  16. Glicky

    Wavy lines

    Maybe we need something like the "line styles" drop-down menu in Indesign... (see the "Wavy" style below)
  17. Is there a tool in AD that fills closed areas to create a new shape, something like the "smart fill" tool in CorelDRAW? (if not, will it be added in the future? and what's the work-around for it?) Sorry... i'm new to Affinity.
  18. 1+ for more line styles. its important for Poster and Magazine design.
  19. In CorelDRAW there is a drop down menu in the Toolbar (so its visible all the time) with great ZOOM OPTIONS, so it can be applied very easily and quickly all the time while working on a project, also if you don't select first the ZOOM tool or a shortcut. The menu has the following options: Zoom to selected Zoom to all objects (when an object is selected) Zoom to page Zoom to page width Zoom to page height 100% 50% etc. (you can add any number you need) This menu is a big help to keep the workflow fast, also when you have detailed objects and you have to zoom in and out a lot...
  20. In my opinion it's not the same necessary for the other apps. When you are designing a book in publisher and you want to edit an image, you need instant access to photo-editing tools to get it done easy and fast. but when you do image editing, why do you need instant access to Publishing tools?
  21. I have almost the same issue. i recently start using the amazing Affinity apps, although i'm struggling when i have an Arabic/urdu job. but my colleagues do not understand me... some of them even promise me that at once there is RTL support, they will also change to Affinity. Bt"w, It seems that there is a new request for RTL support every few days... so i hope there will be updates soon
  22. I agree. but please don't replace it with "flat gray icons" like Adobe, it's black and flat... i'm hating it. In my opinion we need colored icons, but not so colorful and blended like those.
  23. I agree, the tool icons in Affinity apps are very colorful, and don't belong in modern professional design software... but please not the "flat gray icons" like Adobe, it's so black and flat... i'm hating it. In my opinion we need colored icons, but not so colorful and blended like those.
  24. 1+ for all of them. especially: GREAT JOB Affinity... the new Publisher app is AMAZING!