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  1. As an experiment I tried opening a copy of a RAW file directly with the NIK RAW PreSharpener. Right click on the RAW file, Open with, and then navigate to the SHP3RPS executable (64bit Windows). It all seemed to work fine until I tried to save the file. The save errored and said it would attempt to restore the original. Has anyone else tried this and managed to get the save to work?
  2. Thanks for the new Beta. The improvement is only marginal for me. RAW development time is now around 30 seconds instead of around 35.
  3. Changing to 32-bit made no difference for me. My machine is an Intel Core i3 @ 3.40 GHz - so I guess it could be down to having a relatively slow processor?
  4. Similar issue for me. Nikon RAW files now taking around 35 seconds to develop. Turning off Denoise improves performance but only slightly, by 4 or 5 seconds. I'm on the latest Win 10 version, with 8 GB RAM RAW_develop.wmv
  5. I am also experiencing this problem. Developing a RAW image is now extremely slow in 1.7.
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