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  1. I stumbled upon this problem testing Publisher on both Windows 10 and MacOS (Sierra) and working on one document on two systems. First I created a document on a Mac - just a few pictures in presentation. All files were saved in cloud (I use SYNC.COM for synchronising files on a few computers). When I reopened the same document on a Windows PC - Publisher couldn't find missing resources and asked if I want to locate them (the SYNC folder on a Mac and a PC have different paths so Publisher can't locate resources automatically). After locating just two files (the pictures where in two different subfolders) - Publisher found all the other resources but the preview of pictures on the layout where not updated and look pixelated. So I had to replace all the pictures manually (update button was not active in the Resource Manager). Then worked more on the document - adding numerous images... saved and synced to cloud. Later I opened the document again on a Mac – same situation – Missing Resources – Publisher asks to locate them – I find all the folders, pics get found but the previews again are pixelated... Technically everything looks fine, the links are OK in the Resource Manager... but not only the previews are low quality (like the links were broken) but also when I export the document to PDF - the pictured don't appear at all in the PDF! Looks like the Resource Manager thinks that it updated the links but actually the links are still broken. So again I'll have to relink all the pictures manually. Any ideas how to update the links in bulk?

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