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  1. First of all, I want to say thanks to your helping and I am really sorry, that I did not answer your comment, but I didn't have enough time to care about the bug itself. In the last days, I have tried all of I can do, so I have tried to install the latest version of Affinity Photo and install the newest drivers too, but they didn't help. Maybe good to know that I use a laptop that has a processor integrated graphical chip (Intel) and a dedicated Nvidia GeForce GT 520MX video card. Basically the PC use they alternately, and I have tried the different performance settings in the program too (only one of them or in WRAP mode), but nothing has changed. Again I am really sorry for the late answer, but I had to concentrate on the university and other testes, so I hope you understand this. I don't know if I can do anything with this problem, but if you have any other idea, I would be really a pleasure for it.
  2. Okay, I have found it, I opened it right after the program has crashed. Log.txt
  3. An other update: I have tried to install the program again and now it was successful. The solution was maybe that, that I had to delete the icon from the first installation form desktop. Now I am working on the original problem, but i don't find the log.txt file.
  4. Dear Mark Ingram, First of all I want to say thanks for you to answer my question, but unfortunately the troubleshooter did not work. I try to use the program that you recommended to me, but it did not found the program (it understandable because I have already uninstalled it). I tried to use the uninstall troubleshooter part of the program too, but this part of the program also did not find the Affinity Photo, so i should give to the troubleshooter a product code but I can not find it (because the program is uninstalled). I heve already tried to find files from the first installation in Windows File Explorer but I haven't found anything.
  5. Update: Today I tried to reinstall the program (I went to the control panel on windows and I click to uninstall) but after the uninstallation, when I tried to install the program, the installer said "Setup failed". (After the uninstall I experienced that the icon of the program from desktop (what the installer made when it set up the program) did not appear.)
  6. I downloaded the Affinity Photo 1.7 (the exact version number is two days ago, and I began using the program, and today I ran into a relative big problem. When I try to create a new empty document (when I click on the OK button), the program is just crashing (it doesn't freeze nor stops responding, the program just simply closes itself, just like when I click on the close button of the window). With the opening of an image I have no problem. I don't know what causes the problem, and I don't know what should or what could I do to solve this. Thank you for your help
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