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  1. it would appear that when using two fingers and the apple pencil, it randomly switches between lasso select and polygon select modes. i really cant figure out what determines which of these two selection methods is invoked. very frustrating.
  2. i actually cant select nodes at all. lasso tool invokes with two finger hold, but after releasing, nodes are not selected.
  3. Hi, I'm using Affinity Designer on iPad Pro - I've watched all the tutorial videos and looked through the help documents, but I can't figure out what the different icons represent in the context toolbar (especially for the first tool, the transform tool). The interactive popup visual reference in help file simply labels it "context toolbar". Enabling popup tips and labels in the app UI does not label these icons. I can't seem to find any info in the videos, either. Am I missing something obvious here? The icons aren't entirely clear for any of the tools.