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    Valerian reacted to dpoulton in How to create a Swatch?   
    A palette editor would be nice (unless there is one and I just haven't found it - it is late - I am tired)
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    Valerian reacted to sophiegwrites in Delayed Typing on Windows in Publisher and High GPU Usage   
    I'm experiencing a similar problem with the memory on my device. Even if I just open Publisher - with nothing else running - the memory jumps to 100% and my laptop shuts everything down. I've been experiencing increased delays when working in Publisher since the release, but since Monday I have not been able to work at all.
    I know, my laptop is around 5 years old by now, so not the best thing out there. But Photo and Designer and every other programme works fine. It's just Publisher which brings it to its knees without even having an open document. I have no idea why it's doing that, nor do I know how to fix it. But I've got a deadling coming up and need to finish my project. I don't want to install Publisher on my father's PC without having narrowed down if the problem is with the software or with my laptop. Because if it is with Publisher itself, we have a problem and I don't want to crash my father's computer.
    Acer E5-571G-73W0
    Processor: intel core i7-4510U CPU @ 2.000 GHz 2.60 GHz
    RAM/Memory: 12 GB (11.9 GB available)
    Oh yeah, and I've got Windows 8.1 64bit. 
    I've attached two pictures of earlier today when I had opened Publisher.

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    Valerian reacted to dominik in Favorite Fonts   
    In the font drop down list there is a heart shape at the right side of each font entry. Click this to make the font a favourite.
    At the top of  the font drop down list there is a button to only display favourite fonts.
    You also can set defaults for the tools. I think this was explained in other threads already. It works for the text frame tool, too 
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    Valerian reacted to GT70 in Workarounds for Distortion, Warp, or Perspective distort?   
    My friend, there are some features that must already exist in version 0.1. I wrote it above: some things, such as the deformation of objects, ARE NOT options or features to be implemented in the future to satisfy the whims of users but of TOOLS THAT MUST BE EXISTED already in the very first versions. All vector graphics software provides for distortion of text and graphics. Illustrator, Corel Draw, Inkscape, Xara...now I can't think of any more but everyone has this tool. Affinity can create all the software they want but the clear thing here right now is that there are a lot of people asking for this feature and Affinity pretends to be deaf. Now tell me why I should buy more of their Affinity software if they don't meet some of the essentials. And then, in Affinity's projects, is Designer for iPad part of the 3 things that need to work or was it created to take more money from users? I'm very angry that a company that takes my money doesn't listen to me about the things I need as a designer. I repeat, all this is absurd...
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    Valerian reacted to Edo75 in Copy / Paste Layer Effects   
    With Premiere and Final Cut there is a "paste special/attributes" function where you can choose which effects you want to paste afterward. Why not something similar?

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    Valerian got a reaction from debraspicher in Expand Stroke bug (not accurate)   
    I don't want to make icons that are blurry so pixel perfect accuracy is a must. They do market for icons and pixel perfect accuracy so this is still disappointing.
    The suite is meant to work together from what I understand, and I don't want/need to depend another program to do this (Inkscape, etc).
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    Valerian reacted to CJ Randolph in Expand Stroke bug (not accurate)   
    Heya... I know many of you have heard this workaround a few times, but others haven't: the warped stroke expansion happens when you're working at a small scale (10s of pixels wide). If you do your initial drafting at a larger size and then export at your target size, you'll get the correct results.
    As an example workflow, if you're designing a 64x64 icon, setup your artboard as 640x640px with grid lines every 10px. Draw as you normally would (but y'know large), and when your icon is ready to go, hop into the Export Persona, set the slice's output to 64w and voila! The exact small graphic you were trying to draw.
    I know this bug is impacting a lot of your ability to use Affinity Designer, but as with a lot of techniques when we're coming from Illustrator, you have to work a slightly different way here. In this case, AD prefers to draft at larger scales. But like... that's why we work in vector, right? One of the big reasons, at least. It's scalable. We draw on an arbitrary artboard and spit out final graphics that are 10 pixels wide or 30 feet wide.
    Hope this helps someone. I think this program is super rad.
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    Valerian got a reaction from debraspicher in Expand Stroke bug (not accurate)   
    I just got a similar thing I believe with  it being inaccurate. Some points are made correctly some are changed to points that don't match the shape. The tips of my paths aren't expanding and matching the shape with curves. What are you guys doing to work around this or should I refund my purchase? 2 years is quite a long time for a bug.