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  1. Hi Sean, I'm using Capitan (10.11.6) on a early 2008 Mac Pro. I've updated to AD 1.7.1 yesterday and did some tests on a local drive (SSD) without having problem. I'll try later on a sync folder. Thanks,
  2. Hi Patrick and thanks for your quick answer. No, no custom settings in 1.6.Everything was on default. I've just tried few seconds ago and it went well. (?) The only difference was "google drive" not working. One logo used on the A3 file was on the drive folder...
  3. Hi there, PDF export (default) crashes again and again. I don't have the time to change any option, it crashes immediately. Even after a reboot. Export on JPG or PSD are ok. A3 page created with 1.7.0 (afdesign file is 55,3Mo). I've tried with a smaller file created with the previous 1.6.4 and the PDF export went ok (all options by default). I went back to the "A3 file" and it crashes during the export, when I confirmed the destination... Thanks!