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  1. Hey Sean, Thanks for your reply. The problem seems to be fixed in 1.7.1, I can now use the Isometric grid with snap on as intended and the shape is perfectly closing at the end, YAY !
  2. It is very specific to the Creation with the isometric grid ON and snapping turned ON. When creating a shape this way, when i am clicking on the last point, the shape not closing, just fake joining points. I have tried all other way and they works as intended but this one fail anytime for me. If I am creating in this conditions BUT not snap my points on the grid during the creation process, I can close it normally.
  3. Yeah, and thanks for that Aammppaa, So the bug is more on the auto-closing shapes when snapped builded on isometric grid. Hope that will help to fix it in a way or another.
  4. Oh I see, so the shape is snapped but not close on the isometric grid then, making this to happens. So we have to be aware of this to manually check and close em if needed.
  5. Hi guys, Want to report a little issue I got. If I am freely create a shape with the Pen tool, when it's closed I can manipulate the stroke Align to center, inside or outside. When I am activating an isometric grid with full snap ON (Force pixel align, whole pixel and snapping ... all checked), and create my diamond shape based on grid intersects, when the shape its closed, I cannot change the stroke alignment, it always remains in Center mode, whatever I try. exemple.afdesign Note: It works as intended when creating the same way but with Automatic grid.
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