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  1. Hi, I have this same issue, (unable to export to DropBox or Google Drive). Only way to do it, is to 'share' the file on the export screen which is a real pain. Anyone else still having issues with this? Or an answer.
  2. +1 please this is such a requirement for me. Recently purchased AD and was unaware of this, in hindsight I may not have bought it if I had known as Photoshop is still a large part of mine, the companies and our clients workflows. I was gutted. Was hoping it would of been in the latest version but no joy, any news of when / if it will be coming? Thanks.
  3. Hi all, long term user of other software but new to AD having recently purchased it on the iPad (loving it by the way, still learning, but the tutorial videos you guys have produced have been a huge help). Anyway... to my point Is there a way to do this on the iPad? To measure the space between objects quickly and fluidly. I have achieved it through workarounds (creating an object the size of the space I want in between and also using the distribution tool, setting the space to a sepecific size etc). But just wondered if there is a quicker method to quickly see the spacing between objects as I know other software can do this with their smart guides, and hovering and such but realise there could be limitations on an iPad. Thanks in advance and apologies for the long message and for resurrecting an old post.

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