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  1. Text style bug in linked text frames. Create a text frame and create a second text frame. Insert text to overflow the first frame and use the overflow arrow to flow the text into the second frame of the thread. Click into the first frame and change the text colour. The text in the second frame (text box0 does not change colour. Now resize the first box so all the text fits into that box. The combine text has two colours - one from each box. Now click into that box and change the colour of the full text content. Reduce the size of the first box and now the re-flowed text in the second box has the colour from entire thread. By selecting the entire text thread as the first step all the thread colour/ style DOES change together. This should be the DEFAULT - that the entire text tread running through various boxes should change style together . The OPTION should be that clicking into a text box or frame with the selection/move tool offers THE USER a choice of modifying the contents of that box alone or the default of changing the style of the entire thread that the box is part of. The reverse of the present situation. (beta 1.7.0)

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