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  1. This is an old issue that happens in every version of AP going back to 1.6. Whenever a new doc is created, as soon as I manipulate the art board using Trackpad gestures (pinch to zoom, scroll) , I get the graphical mess obscuring the blank view, effectively preventing me from even starting to work. The weird thing is that it manifests after long period of inactivity or - and this is just a wild guess – after system reboot. I can never know when and why it will emerge again. Launching it more than once, I now can't even get those zigzags to record with QuickTime Player to demonstrate. Occasionally, the mess occurs when I open a new doc but other than that it goes away but I know for sure the issue keeps out of sight to return later at some point. The OS in question is Mac OS X Lion.
  2. Hello Whenever I use keyboard shortcuts (any shortcuts) the app crashes. When I select menu commands it doesn't. The crash log attached (incl. hardware configuration, system version etc). System locale – Russian, but I set "English" for AP. Affinity Photo.crash
  3. Hello, Chris I'm sorry for the delay. Posting the screenshot.
  4. In both Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer 171 on Mac OS X Lion creating a new document results in the striped art-board as shown in the pics below (the top - Affinity Photo, the bottom - Affinity Designer). In 1.6.x versions of both apps there're no such artifacts. Update. Apparently I was wrong for the worst: I keep old versions too so it happens when (1) I Iaunch either of AP and AD 1.7.1 (2) after opening newer versions when I launch the old AP for the first time those stripes are even in the old version. The next time I launch the older versions (both apps) it's OK however I see these glitches in the newer ones every time I create a new doc. It's too confusing even to get these issues described and reeks of polishing. As of now, slow down adding newer features, focus on ironing out bugs and performance. I hope serif staff is reading these threads. Update 2. I rebooted into Mavericks partition where I also have these 2 apps installed but 1.6. not 1.7. I can confirm that what I thought to be occasional hiccups in Lion have turned out to be a regular pattern both in 1.7 and 1.6 but only in Lion. In Mavericks creating new documents is smooth and I guess it's true for High Sierra although I haven't tested it yet since I work rarely in it. To developers of both apps: since the minimal supported OS X is declared to be 10.7, please optimize them for it as well. I understand that in might not to be fun to work with implementing features and improvements for such «awfully outdated», «antiquated» operating system but for those that for various reasons still run this «antiquated» OS and since you touted AD/AP to work across OS of different state of freshness we would be grateful to you if our UX lived up to these empowering promises. Thank you.
  5. Mac's locale is Russian, and the words are as simple as "flower", "forest". I run 3 Macs with different macOSes, the one in question is Lion (haven't tested it in Mavericks and High Sierra). The default browser is Chrome 49 from early 2016, still capable of loading like 99% websites; another one is Waterfox 56.2.10. Does Affinity rely on Web-Kit? If yes it would be great to give the user an option to switch browser engines or automatically set Affinity's browsing engine to the default browser. Apple's web-kit compatibility policy is terrible.
  6. Meanwhile Pixabay and Unsplash both show the endlessly spinning loading status gear.
  7. The minimal deployment target is declared as 10.7. I have 3 computers, one of them running Lion, another one - Mavericks. The first thing I see is a pop-up alert telling me that this version is incompatible with Lion and suggesting to contact the developer. Now I see that the Console log report contains a line that explicitly states that a dylb library wasn't loaded. The library is MapKit.framework residing in /System/Library?Frameworks/ and is absent in Lion (but apparently is present in Mavericks). Attaching the Console Log. Affinity Photo_2019-06-09-014929.crash