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  1. Can anybody tell me how I can view blown highlights in the Photo Persona? I know there's one in Develop Persona, but I need it in Photo Persona for adjusting 'levels' in there.
  2. I’ve been using AP for a few weeks now. I’ve found one feature that I desperately require in AP, something that I use every time I use Photoshop, without fail. In Photoshop if you adjust the ‘Levels’ for example (all the plug-ins and changes have this option) at the bottom/right of the window there is a ‘Preview’ check box, which you can turn on/off to get a ‘flash’ difference, a preview of before and after. This is something that people use all the time. AP does not have it and although it has an ‘Opacity’ slider, it’s a drag (literally) to have to open that and quickly drag the opacity slider all the way to zero, you have to flick the mouse really quick to try and get a fast before/after preview of the effect you just applied. I know you can toggle the live adjustment layer on/off, but if the layer tab is not selected you have to move away from the dialogue box your working in to click on another tab elsewhere before you can turn this layers tab on/off, which slows everything down and makes you have to more to a different part of the screen altogether. From what I can see there is no way you can do a before/after preview and the Photo Persona does not have a ‘split’ view and even if it did it is not the same thing, we need the before/after preview check box at the bottom/right of all the effects dialogue boxes that come up (like in Photoshop) to see the subtleness of the change. See two images, one AP, the other Photoshop (with preview check box in bottom right hand corner).

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