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  1. Still have my 10-12lb (5 kilo) boxes of the Adobe Master suites - only because buying its entirety was the best price (down the line when it was time to upgrade... I remember up front prices of $2799 and upgrade prices nearly ½ that in a year or 18 moths time! lol - I think I still have through 4 or 4.5 in their respective boxes. (I should also mention I've got FCP from v4 4.5 5 6 & 7 if I remember correctly, finally FCPX came in a significantly smaller case/box ((With a LOT less info)). I sometimes miss the 'books' to markup and highlight and learn a different way. Then again, I'm 50. lol. To the Affinity team, My hats off to you for all you've done - especially for mobile. as a macOS user as well, I enjoy a few of your apps cross platform (all possible actually ;)) - and each is definitely a 'replacement' for me, my business and family needs - and our charity events. My photography hobby, turned habit, turned part-time 'gig' has actually started to 'pay' - to the extent I purchased the new Canon 1DX3 and the Lumix GH5 from Panasonic along with a Pro Mavic drone for this summer's weddings, reunions, and events.... much thanks for Affinity! I've completely transitioned to design and publishing and so very close to my picture workflow. Unfortunately I rely heavily on the production side of the CC suite, making it still an impossibility to eliminate Adobe... right now;) I have incredible faith in Affinity's team & hope they are able to mimic the CC suite's major apps in production; Premier, After Effects (I know, industry standard, yada, yada but rules are meant to be broken and Motion's not AE's successor... it'll come from a development crew like Affinity, a team who develops after listening to users' needs, wants, & ultimately, somehow builds an incredibly powerful 'pay-one-price' app (read: no subscription so support these folks even if you're a CC subscriber especially if you're a CC user, as it's as powerful, even more so in most cases on my iPad Pro 12.9v3 than the Adobe counterparts.) IF you're (Affinity) able to do the same magic with video, motion & sound effects and wave editing (audio/video mastering for stereo to 11.2 and beyond mixing), a companion app to AffPhoto possibly for iOS and iPadOS w/macOS's continuity with possibly gradually added capabilities & features (matching the device, w/iOS concentrating on the camera/in field fast edits/posts, iPadOS adding speed, batch, more layers, faster rendering, and of course, the MBP power, thermals, integration w/GPU) ...all the necessities for a pro workflow and organization both for still and motion. I'm ready to spend a hundred bucks for each, and Adobe Audition - easily the most overlooked app in the CC suite is ubiquitous to radio stations the world over *(many are still using old copies of Cool Edit Pro ((owned by Syntrilium before Adobe's buy out)) thank God they've continued it's refinement, its truly the pinnacle of wave editing, mixing, mastering, analyzing, and even basic, 2-channel voice over music 30 second commercials, there's not a comparison on the market, in fact - I've seen XP machines running 1.5! 3.01 is commonplace! it'd be ((seemingly)) an incredibly easy coding project to build what the radio stations and podcast networks desire for their actual needs - we truly aren't doing anything different than the days of Otari 2-tracks and the God-Send of the Otari 4-track 1" tape!!!!) Audition is an incredibly powerful program and every, I mean every single radio station owns a plethora of copies or is leasing CC copies per workstation. As a programmer, Ive got a license on my desk in my office! One in each (of 6) studios (recording call ins for edit etc), and one in each production room. News room, 3 copies. News, Anchor and producer. GM, SM and OM have copies, as well as the engineer! That's at least 20 copies as I'm sure I'm missing some - or for 3.01, some $6,000 for licenses. Monthly, $300/$3600 year. Not. Bad. Cash! Just a very profitable suggestion (perhaps some selfishness on my end, as I've spent thousands on the darn thing lol. Point being, radio guys aren't mastering 7.2 Hollywood blockbusters on BluRay, nor are we producing any bands' records in 2 channel @ 44.1/16 bits... we aren't mic'ing drum kits or singers - not EQ'ing guitars and basses or vocals. We are simply recording our vocals, possibly a 'canned' music bed and even more rarely a few sound effects that could easily live on tracks three and four in a multi-track environment. 8-16-32-128-512 tracks (IE Logic X, Cubase, PT's), 110% completely unnecessary. As is spectral analyzation - even 'markers', and the 'bad' effects Adobe supplies as reverb, echo, compression, Hi/Lo pass, et al. I'm convinced as an owner of Affinity Photo, Designer and Publisher these folks are on a run with momentum. To take noting away from Adobe, as they made the right transition at the right time by moving a significant amount of staff to the mobile development area, while establishing excellent communication with their desktop counterparts. Possibly from their previous experience from their and just recently moving to mobile or a a newcomer, Affinity is David. Adobe, Goliath. Spend the cash if you're even a more than casual hobbyist I tell folks on your product, as even Elements and whatever their video editing deal is called is just a castrated Premier Pro and LR classic w/o any PS options to speak of - at least that you're not able to replace with a $3 app on Apple or Windows or Linux So again Thanks for your diligence and incredible work/updates and passion for your product/apps. I and I know many appreciate everything you do and are doing. Please keep up the most excellent work and don't hesitate to increase pricing to continue the pay a price, not a subscription. IAP's are cool for extra additions to editors; say video transitions, photo filters, layering limits or output limits, etc. If its $89.99 up front and a 20 dollar bill to unlock it all for the first month (up to $49.99 after promotional period) w/options for Individual unlocks; ads, N/D filter, external recording marks, higher bitrate conversion or different codecs, etc @ $2-$9.99 each - I'd pay every dime - and if I could code, I'd be the first to write Handbrake that's Handbrake usable by those without a four year bachelors degree in computer engineering, programming, networking and administration. Lol! Radio guys/gals are as dumb as they come - calling for an engineer when a reboot's in order. Writing a basic wave editing program that would replace Audition (and its bazillion headaches) world wide in radio - on Windows, OS X, macOS, iOS or iPadOS, even tvOS or watchOS w/the ability to control the presentations, etc. I've worked with Auditon since the Syntrillium days of Cool Edit Pro 1.0 on a 3 or 486 with RCS - and its come a long way - but in a way not conducive to anyone. Its overkill for who its being sold to and those that would use it are already entrenched in the Logic/Sony/ProTools/Cubasis plugins etc. An incredible example of a 'Win' in this are is for mobile DJ'ing. Serato ($699) and Traktor ($649) along with some proprietary gear, like ProTools and AVID were the pricing schemes when Algoriddim release dJay on iOS. Couple years later, dJay2, then dJay Pro - now its just called dJay, as they had also built vJay. The current build is maybe 8-10 years old, nearly as old as iOS. It's capable of running up to four decks of sound with zero latency for scratching, MIDI setup, video files and effects that sound phenomenal. The pads are fillable with incredible sounding effects - even on a 75,000 watt rig, live! The effects built in, fader and ability to add cameras to the existing audio and video files, then mix them is Star Trek schtuff! Check their app, then check the DAWs (digital audio workstations available in iOS, Android is tough to program audio w/o latency) - then if you've a copy of Adobe's CC suite, check out Audition and its underlying power - capabilities, and then think what a dip shit at the radio station's gonna use it for! To get outta the prod room as quick as possible! Good Luck and keep it up Jaxx
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