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  1. I have just been testing the latest version, and unfortunately the same problems occur.  Any kind of manipulation of groups of layers is resulting in complete slowdown, and degradation of work.  Leading to files being unable to be saved.


    I realise that I am probably coming off as a pain, but I just want Photo to be back to the glory of 1.6.


    When I try to manipulate groups of layers (in this case, just two), even with kid gloves, I experience horrendous slow down.  Note that when the blue touch circle is on screen (and paused) the app has hung.  When there is no blue circle I am giving the app every chance to recover. 


  2. 1 hour ago, Andy Somerfield said:

    Evening all,

    Thanks for this thread - it has helped identify a significant problem which I am very pleased we have got fixed before the 1.7.2 release. Turns out that in builds since 1.7.0, we have, under certain circumstances, used only half the memory available to us on iPad. This causes disk thrashing and explains some of the terrible slowdowns you have been experiencing.

    Worth saying though that there are still limits - your example of a 5000x5000 RGBA 8bit canvas - one layer is 25MP (100MB). You have 5 layers (500MB). You then scale them down by about 50% - Photo is lossless when scaling layers, so they balloon from 25MP per layer to 100MP per layer - 400MB. At this point, your 5 layers cost 2GB - not including the ~1GB undo history created by the initial steps.

    Repeat this say 20 times quickly (so Photo doesn't have chance to optimise / deduplicate history in idle time) and you are using ~60GB of memory on a device which has (at most) 2GB of usable physical memory - on a 2GB/3GB device, only 1GB is usable..

    It's fair to expect Photo on iPad to page to disk at some point in pretty much any large project. We do everything we can to hide that latency - but grouping a number of huge layers, scaling them down, then moving them around is pretty much a perfect storm - so if you are repeatedly doing that, fast, at some point Photo will panic and start paging to disk..

    Anyway, thanks again for helping to get this nailed down - we should now be back to 1.6-quality memory management, which hopefully, coupled with the improvements in the new 1.7 compositor, will yield a decent improvement for 1.7.2.

    I'll push the 151 build with these fixes ASAP.




    Thank you so much for the detailed reply.

     I'm glad that something has been sorted out, I'm looking forward to loving this amazing program once more.

    I'm not quite sure I understand the reasoning that given as I would have expected similar problems when dealing with single layers. Unless one is dealing with the group as a whole (rather than individually) and then referencing memory that has not been allocated I guess.


  3. To be honest it doesn't require much to get the app to slow down to a crawl, just manipulate a group of 3 layers or more on a reasonably large canvas for a few operations and you will experience serious slow down.  


    If one works on individual layers then the app seems fine and smooth as it was on 1.6, however working with groups of layers is still very buggy.

  4. 2 hours ago, pixelcoder said:

    Could you do a screenrecording or provide your file? I really tried to bring it to lag by opening some 36MP Raw files, but its super smooth for me even with 10+ adjustement layers applied. 

    Brushengine also works fine with reasonable large canvases. 

    Using an iPad Pro 2017 and iPadOS13 beta4. (No other Apps running in background while testing)

    I have an iPad Pro 1TB edition on iOS 12.4, and I can demonstrate a very simple video to show how the lagging occurs.


    Whenever it seems my touch is staying in one place, lagging is occurring (I have not simply held the touch there)


    It seems to be most prevalent when using groups of layers, the lag also builds up over a period of time.  Eventually the system becomes inoperable, and one can lose all work or progress.  It should also be noted that if one were to try to return to the main menu after the lag has begun, the file sometimes will not save.



  5. The latest beta ( RC1) stills shows the problem.


    What I haven't demonstrated is that once this slowdown has started, the app can stay very unresponsive, even if one waits long enough for the app to have finished calculating what it needs to.


    As soon as the slowdown occurs, it becomes necessary to quit the app, and hope it is able to save your document, else one faces lost work.


    Also worth noting that it is not just resizing/moving/rotating the groups of layers, this is just the most easily demonstrable.  I find it occurs with almost any task when dealing with groups of layers.  It is such a problem that I have to either dramatically reduce the amount of layers of work with, or (and this only occasionally works) hide the layers I am not working on. 


    I can also demonstrate this happens with smaller documents (in this case 5000 x 5000 pixels).


    At the end of this video I was trying to choose a colour but the app was unresponsive.


    Please note, I am manipulating a group of layers



  6. I can also demonstrate it using a smaller document say a 4000 x 4000 pixel document.  Although it requires a few more operations in a row (though still around 7/8 layers in 1 group).  All it requires is a few rotations/resizing as demonstrated in the video I made and the app begins to considerably slow down.  Eventually the app will cease responding.


    No, this is not a genuine use case, but it demonstrates that there is a flaw in the app.


    This flaw rears its ugly head again and again in my general work (i.e. slow down with eventual app crashing), so much so that I have to keep returning to the main menu in an attempt to ensure the document is saved before it freezes completely.

  7. p_mac, I can't see where you tried rotating, or resizing any of the groups of layers?


    If you notice, the slow down occurs when I try resizing or rotating groups of layers on a large document.


    I only demonstrated this as it represents what happens during my workflow when I am using a number of layers and groups and trying to perform operations on them.


    I suggest you try making a large document (say 16000x8000 pixels), scribble a few layers, say seven, combine them into a group and then try to resize/rotate them.

  8. Ive decided to record a video of the issues, please note I've done it this way as its always reproducible.  However I find the with any large documents with just a few layers, the app slowly grinds to a halt and then needs to be forcibly quit.  This will happen for any work I do over a short period of time, with enough complexity.


    iPad Pro 12 1TB HD iOs 12.4


    The end of the video is where the app has hung, occasionally it manages to eventually fix itself, but mostly I have to forcibly quit the app and lose all my progress.

  9. To be honest, I am still incredibly frustrated with the beta.  There is still hideous slowdown when working on large documents for a while, that require saving the document, then reopening.  Then saving the document, then reloading.  Then having to quit the app because it won't save the document, then having to redo all the work, hoping it won't crash before saving the document.


    The mere act of having to close the picture so that I can "auto save" my work, is a joke.  The current state of the app is shocking compared to 1.6 which was a joy.

  10. Still terrible performance on large documents (16000 x 8000 pixels), I can add about 3 photos to this, and then try drawing and get enormous lag and general slow down.


    I also have to duplicate originally saved images in order to save them to iPad.  Simply saving them to iPad does not work.


    None of this was occurring on 1.6

  11. I have used this beta fairly extensively, and there have been lots of improvements.  However I am still finding fairly significant slow down on larger documents (I'm using 16000 x 8000 pixels) once we enter into a few layers of use (around 15 to 20).  There tend to be significant slowdowns when trying to move or resize the layers (or groups of layers).


     I find that sometimes saving the document and then trying again to move the layers can improve performance.  However this can lead to other issues such as significant delays in saving the files  and sometimes not even being able to get back to the main menu.


    I am having to reduce the number of layers I work on to get work done unfortunately. 


    I am also finding that occasionally I am unable to choose  a new tool, the UI seems to acknowledge my presses but does not respond until I reset Photo.


    I was not facing these issues on 1.6.


    I am using an iPad Pro 12.9 with 1TB HD space

  12. The only steps I am doing are


    1.  Create a new document with a size of 8000 x 8000 pixels

    2. Try to draw on the canvas using the pencil

    3. Notice how laggy it is


    I've tried using the iPads screen recorder,  but it doesn't seem to identify where the screen has been pressed (i.e with a red dot) which means it is hard to show how laggy it is.