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  1. Export layers maintaining the document size and its position in it is a must for matte painters to be able to re-comp them into nuke. Keep us posted if there is updates! Thank you!
  2. Hello, It doesn’t work. I have created the A white layer at the bottom and is the only layer that gets exported to the “layered” exr. We use layered exrs in matte painting to have the elements separate and shuffle them into nuke for compositing. Not just RGB and Alpha but also the image “cut out” in different parts, ID’s/Cryptomattes, AOV’s, etc.. Any chance the Layered EXR Exporter could be reviewed? Thank you!
  3. Yes! I do very vey often duplicate a bunch of groups to a new document to then merge those into single layers and save a lightest/cleaner psd version of my working psb to send to client or comp into nuke. Or even, when doing concept work I use the snapshot of the History tab frequently while testing quick stuff, then I can go back to previous states where I had something I liked, duplicate it into a new document and create versions, or drag it into the latest version I am on. Any way to reproduce those in AP?
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